Fall 2015: 1, 11, 16, 20, 10/17, 11/13

First day of school
Cross country
Happy sixteenth birthday to Madeline and Theo.
Driving permits!
Collecting apples for the annual cider making
Back to Seattle for the big wedding day!
Organizing outfits for a family photo shoot. (Finally!!)
Fall in Fair Haven
Our 20 year wedding anniversary.
Corn Maze
 Pumpkin carving  
Halloween as Steven of Minecraft! Thanks dad for spending 2 weekends making the best costume ever! Won a prize at the town parade of course!
Next college trip down south. 5 days in MD, VA, NC and DC.
We learned a lot about the local folks by visiting a gun store...
See a synopsis of the trip below.

Ambroise is a Minecraft addict
Meanwhile in France...
Madeline and Theo spend the weekend at MIT in Boston for a fun weekend of random classes
Loretta won tickets to go to NYC for a private screening of the first episode of the final season of Downton Abbey. Most of the cast was there for Q & A.
Christmas 2015
Kick off with the annual trip to NYC with Susan to gawk at the windows and get some culture.

The Bergdorf windows never disappoint.
Santa calls and Ambroise totally throws his brother under the bus…  

Video also available here
Rock climbing
The Nutcracker
Welcome to our new addition to the family- Bobby, the automatic vacuum cleaner.
Ending 2015 with our Documentary Film Club. Based on past experience, here are the guidelines for the party.

Here it is, your moment of zen… the wedding video