Summer 2015: David & Goliath.

Summer fun




When Ambroise won’t finish his dinner, he doesn’t get to go to the store to get ice cream. I come home to this picture taped to the door that he drew of his broken heart. And a booby trap of bubble wrap.


A week in NYC to play with HSBC again.

It is a modern day David and Goliath story.


Keeping a positive attitude...

Fighting the good fight with our amazing legal team.  

Three years preparing for this week. We were told that we had a very slim chance of winning…. All the laws are in the big bank’s favor.

But win we did. The verdict was actually astonishing. Not only did we win some money (including repaying all of our legal fees!), but more importantly, his name was cleared, the true culprits were punished, and we set precedent for all the other little guys behind us who now have a better chance to win based on our case.


A couple of blogs related it, formally or less formally...

Now, time for a different type of fun: off to Seattle for Jenn’s bachelorette party 5 day weekend! I’m loving being a bridesmaid. From the elegant tea party, custom-made shoes, dinner theater, photo sessions and friendship, the Schweickert-Phillips know how to do it right.


As soon as Elizabeth got home, she packed up Madeline and Theo for their trip to Haiti. They got ready by collecting soccer equipment, school supplies and toiletries for the orphanage. They had tons of excess baggage full of donations from friends and family.

They went completely on their own for 2 weeks. No chaperone. No organized program. They went to stay at an orphanage where a friend of ours knows the director. Despite going through all possible safety concerns, including the addresses of the US and French Embassies, mom felt the need to send them one last text as their plane took off.  


TEDxNavesink spotlighted them as "Makers of Monmouth" in their quest to find people who “make” (inventions, laws, art, etc.) Madeline and Theo wrote about how “you are never too young to make a difference.”



Summer 2015- That’s a wrap.    

Last people in the pool before the club closes for the year.