Spring 2015: TEDx & Talks.

Madeline goes to Paris with Gontran for Matthieu and Louise’s wedding.  


While in France, Gontran and his brother and sisters help their dad clean out the family home in preparation for his move.  The assets are divided…  all in good humor.


The busy crew season begins for Madeline. 

Anything is purple or hot pink is rowing related.  

But she still has time
to paint Ambroise’s toenails.


TEDxNavesink makes final preparations for the big conference.



TEDxNavesink Accelerators conference! 


  After a 15 hour day with my
  favorite volunteer- exhausted,
  but still smiling!


Doc club is going strong.


Mother’s Day 2015


Led Zep (Get the Led out) Front row! 

Youtube video available here

Madeline and Theo with Mme Berg accepted in the French Honor Society.

 Last days with a full mouth of teeth.


Pole Vaulting buddies


Ambroise turns 6! 

Rainbow theme party yet again.  This kid knows what he loves.  

Prepping the party favors.  


Dad helps him with the birthday presents



Madeline and Trevor


First day at the beach club!

It’s exhausting


A quick day in the city to play with HSBC again.


Last day of Kindergarten


Last day of Sophmore year.  See how they grow in just a few years!  


Mom gets ready for summer


Summer goals.