Fall 2014, The C's: Crew, Camping, Costumes, Cider, Cataract, Cape, Christmas... sChool and cKarate

Madeline and Theo started their Sophomore year in high school, and Ambroise started Kindergarten.
You’re never too old to have your mom   leave you a cookie surprise on the first   day of school.  
And karate
Madeline was the official translator for the visiting Haitian students
And her fall crew season started.  She made varsity!
Theo did great in fall Cross Country.  No photos allowed :-(
We grabbed a final family camping trip before it got too cold.

We made the best s’mores ever - a Rollo stuffed marshmallow on a Milano mint cookie (followed by a shot of Baileys for the adults).
You can also catch fireflies right here at home...

Small Youtube video here
Gontran celebrates a new job as a Managing Director at IJC…
Ambroise is a (smiley) Power Ranger.
Can you guess what mom is?
Mom and Loretta went to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend Mom learned to play Mah Jong
How do you make hard cider?
You start by picking up apples. Lots of apples. Dirty apples... 700 lbs of them.
You soak, brush and rinse each of them.
When the small grinder on the press just won't cope with the flow, your ingenous friend buys and installs an insinkerator on a board.
And you mulch, mulch, mulch, then press to get that delicious fresh apple juice.
Quite an organization, lots of sweat, before you can even start fermenting!
But a few weeks later, once you have filtered, bottled and fermented a bit more, it will be absolutely delicious!
Yes, this happened! 
Thanksgiving paper whites are ready for delivery.
Thanksgiving tradition with the Laughinghouse family.  
Mom got her cataract surgery and figured “hey, when life gives you a bum eye, put a parrot on your shoulder and say arrrgh.”

And a few more pictures...

Here it is, your moment of zen:

Nothing like an early morning ambush to keep the blood pumping.