Summer 2014: New Jersey's finest.


Ambroise graduates from preschool!

Madeline and Theo finished their freshman year. Theo burns all of his school work.

Mom is the director of summer activities,
keeping everybody busy.
Stocking the beach club locker is priority #1

The new club, built after Sandy, looks great.

Summer sun bring on the freckles, and salt water-chlorine bleached hair.

A few humpback whales pass through. E &G celebrate 19 years walking side by side. (Theory on the left, reality on the right…..and we wouldn’t change a thing). Gontran makes fondue on the BBQ. Elizabeth prepares everything else.

London School of Economics beach reunion with Jorge (and Michelle and kids) and Melanie (and kids).

Ambroise learns to swim. It took all afternoon, but HE DID IT!! The day before, he said he would never never never never go on the diving board. It’s the little moments like this that I will never forget.

You can also find it online here

You can also find it online here

Nothing like some quality time with the family at the beach.

(Madeline in the background “Maybe nobody will guess I’m with those nerds if I sit waaaay over here”)

Stypa-Laughinghouse-de Q Sunday evening beach dinners.

A day at the beach really takes its toll on a 5 year old.

Theo continues sailing and even takes mom out on the river.
He is growing like crazy. He is now 5’9.5” 
He grew 5 inches in a year!


Chasing fireflies, and other Summer leisurely activities.

Also online here

Mom starts a new adventure with TEDxNavesink as their Director of Interns and Volunteers. Check it out!

Madeline purchases two IKEA dressers and puts them together herself.

Papa and Ambroise build a lego truck.
Meanwhile, E, M &T visit a few universities to get the ball rolling.

Dad and Theo spend a day at paintball.

Loretta hosts an “Outlander” premier viewing party.

A summer lighting storm hits our tree and fries most of the electronics and appliances in the basement and first floor, plus all the electrics in the garage. Thankfully we have great insurance.  
  We say goodbye to our friends moving to Connecticut. 

A boy, a cape and a lollipop.

What an amazing summer!