Winter 2013/14: Upside-down Snowman:

We welcomed twins Clayton and Sawyer to the Goble family.  Sadly, Sawyer's life was too short.  Clayton continues to thrive and is truly our little hero.
Gontran celebrated his 45th year! Move on. 

Paperwhites did great this year!

Mom kicked off the festive season with a trip to the city with Susan to check out the window displays and do some shopping.

We even ran into Bill Cunningham!

Christmas trees were decorated, Santas were visited….

December 22nd: Conversation I overheard between Madeline and Theo upstairs:
  Theo:   Madeline, what do you want for Christmas?
  Madeline:   Are you freaking kidding me? It is December 22nd and you are JUST NOW thinking of that?
  Theo:   Yeah, so. What do you want?
  Madeline:   I don't know- YOU figure it out!!!
  Theo:   How about if I just give you $10?
  Madeline:   OH YEAH reeeeaaaalllly great gift. So personal.
<<eye roll and huffing>>
  Theo:   Well What DO you want??? I have no idea.
  Theo:   <<silence>>
  Madeline:   For God's sake, Theo, I thought long and hard about your gift and went ALL THE WAY TO THE MALL to get it. You better get me something good or I swear I'll kill you.
<< door slam>>
Glad to know the Christmas spirit is alive and well in our house.

Christmas eve dinner with cousin Max,

followed by opening a few gifts

Just before bedtime, Santa came to our house in a fire truck!
We celebrated Max’s birthday
We had an incredible amount of snow this year.

Ambroise tried ice skating

Gontran got a fabulous new job! He was approached by an executive recruitment boutique, which takes only financial professionals as recruiters. The proposal was both entrepreneurial and different. Gontran accepted and now heads both the quantitative practice and the research group.

No other recruiter anywhere has both his academic background, extensive network, and a successful 20 year career in quant/portfolio management. Clients and candidates love the depth of his insider knowledge and his credibility. Not to mention his corner of the French market!  Surprisingly, this new career page is like a natural continuation, concentrating on more strategic and human aspects, and much more fun.

Check him out on LinkedIn or on his firm's website

Mom went to Austin for a short week to visit Trae, Jenn and Trinity.

Mom was honored to be invited to the French Consulate in NYC to receive her French nationality. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

Ice boat sailing on the Navesink River

More snow

Theo fulfilled my pinterest dreams of building an upside down snowman.

Thanks Theo!
After months of Madeline begging for a MacBook, in a moment of weakness, Mom made a deal with Madeline that she would split the cost with her (Mom thinking it was just like a laptop and probably cost $300…). Who knew a 14 year old could make $588 in 2 months of babysitting?

Go Madeline! With that kind of drive and ambition- who knows what that kid is going to do!
Valentine’s Day
Mom’s membership to the Daughters of the American Revolution is approved.

Grandma Goble would be proud!

Documentary Film Club’s Oscar Party, complete with theme movie food.

Theo is really enjoying track and doing really well!

Ambroise built a Lego airplane. Papa barely helped (was just patient...)


And a few miscellaneous pictures
Waiting for a playdate Walkie talkies with Charlie
“This is Ambroise! Where are you?”
My teenagers wore me down.
April showers 

Did the groundhog see his shadow? Ambroise did!
How much more winter can we take?