Fall 2013: From pre-school to high-school

One final camping trip to Sandy Hook before we pack up our gear until next summer.
Madeline brought along her friends.
So did Ambroise and so did we!
Happy 14th birthday Madeline and Theo with campfire cones (marshmallows, chocolate and fixings stuffed inside an ice-cream cone and roasted over the campfire)
Ambroise spies on the girls' tent

1st day of school! Two in high school, one in pre-school.
Theo shows Ambroise his new school: Rumson-Fair Haven High School

Madeline finishes off summer rowing (crew)
Theo is increasing his chess rating

Triple slurping at the Gotham b-day bash

Fall clean-up
Never leave a 4 year old unattended
with a box of bandaids
Have you been eating chocolate? "noooooo! I promise!"

Ambroise and Papa spent a lot of time doing mosaics
Then Papa did a demonstration
for his pre-school class

And making cupcakes is still his favorite activity. Dad has been enjoying crab feasts
with his buddies (local catch!)

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!

Ambroise is a ghost for Halloween
Preschool Halloween parade

Maxime is in the US for a few months doing an internship at Robatel in Roanoake and stopped by for a visit

More dinner parties  
After wearing her hair the same way for 20+ years.... mom got bangs

Preparing the Thanksgiving paperwhite bulbs,
with lots of help from Ambroise this year.


Thanksgiving with the DP's!
    (secret lovers?)

And a few miscellaneous pictures

Here it is, your moment of zen:

Madeline goes to New York City for the day with friends. Her GPS cell phone tracker shows her surrounded by registered sex offenders and crime spots. #GrayHair

The next day, the GPS tracker has Madeline in the middle of the Navesink river with her rowing team (crew). Not a crime spot nor sexual predator in sight! #ILoveTheSuburbs