Summer 2013: Cornucopia

Lots of beach club time.
Nothing beats a BBQ on the beach!
(Now that he is a U.S. citizen, Gontran has suddenly become a grill master,
but zoom in and you'll see that he's grilling Brie stuffed croissants. 
You can take the man out of France, but....)


This is how Madeline feels about spending some quality family time
with us.
Lots of brother time
Visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
A tree really does grow in Brooklyn! 

Tucking into a huge classic read
….1300 pages

Another great parenting decision
Vegetable garden success  
Mom and her friends did a 3 night marathon re-watching the tv mini series
“The Thorn Birds.”  Theme food, theme drinks, and even theme clothing!
Sesame Place.
Theo and Ambroise 2013  Theo and Mom 2005 

Ambroise is now taking
swimming lessons
Theo went to boy scout camp for a week. He had a great time. He proudly
announced that he hadn’t showered the entire time…
Check out the color of the water when I did his laundry!
Lobster with friends.
Euro Ambroise in his French swimming trunks, hanging out with Liam and McD.
Gontran became an official US citizen and I got my French nationality!
Bud Light and champagne go well together!
Celebrating 17 years of marriage!
A few dinner parties
Mom’s puzzle obsession (her favorite view in San Francisco)

Led Zepplin experience
with Jason Bonham!
Madeline did some summer rowing
Another few Ambroise random pictures, and of the twins!
Ambroise, age 4 Theo & Madeline, age 4
Lazy summer days,
hanging with Chloe and Danny
Ambroise is still obsessed with making rainbow cupcakes.  
Ambroise reading a book (youtube)

and singing at camp (youtube)
Better answer her texts.
Camping trip to Copake Falls with the McD-Kuntz family. Packing takes days...
But well worth it!  

We stopped at one of the beautiful Vanderbilt mansions on our way back
1st day of school! Two in high school, one in pre-school.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

A text conversation with Madeline.
She was babysitting and I had just made lasagna.
I offered to bring some over to her. (My words in blue)