Spring 2013: Birthdays and Graduations

Spring is birthday party season! Ambroise's social calendar is full.


He even enjoyed an all-girls ballet party!


Our vegetable garden project, complete with new gutters to a rain barrel and a raised bed.



Easter baskets

Spring 8th grade dance calls for a pre-party.


Making invitations for Ambroise’s 4th birthday. He wants a rainbow theme.


Rainbow party favors: “Rainbow in a jar” complete with marshmallow clouds and chocolate gold coins at the end of the rainbow.


The big day has finally arrived!

We’ve been crossing off the days for a month!
Blowing out the candles with his family

Waiting for his party guests to arrive

Rainbow cups, rainbow napkins, rainbow streamers, rainbow hats, rainbow plates, rainbow pinwheels, rainbow food…. Really did look like his “coming out” party… :-)

Rainbow cupcakes

Teaching him the fine art of writing
post-birthday thank you cards


Madeline's message for her brother


A few days later we landed in the ER because of a nasty stubbed toe with a detached toenail and slight fracture.


Auntie B came for a visit! Just in time for 8th grade graduation.

Madeline got professional hair and make-up


Mom was on the decorating committee for the 8th grade graduation dance. Months of work, but worth it all!

The theme was Dr. Seuss “Oh! The Places You Will Go!”


We headed up to Morristown, NJ
for the Goble family reunion
Madeline and Theo were thrilled 

At the hotel, Ambroise slept in the closet
(despite his rainbow “coming out” birthday party)

Auntie B and I headed off to Philly for the day to check out the sites and visit the Barnes Foundation (wow oh wow!) 
Auntie B teaches Ambroise the fine points
of puzzle solving,
cake making, 
and connect four.


We decided to give the older kids a real education and took them to the Led Zepplin concert.

Look how impressed they are !

Happy birthday mom!


Ambroise is a play-doh-aholic    

He paints over an old canvas

Studying daddy’s MENSA books  Mommy drew Ambroise and he drew mommy 

Ambroise’s favorite hiding places

(Video also available on youtube here)
Ambroise offers his mommy some flowers for Mother’s Day
Enjoying playdates
Theo’s asteroid project  1st letter from Ambroise: “For You Papa, I love you” 

All this rain has led to some serious green grass!

Getting ready for summer and the beach club!
and for enjoying friends

Can you see how much he has changed already?


We are having dinner parties at home, taking advantage of Grandma and Grandpa Goble's beautiful china