Winter 2012-2013: Canadian Snow

Happy Birthday Gontran!
Still as cute 40 years later!
Christmas is coming! Mom makes lots of little chocolate houses.

Visit with Santa and again
and here he comes again!

Pre-school Christmas show. If you'd like to torture yourself by listening to 10 3 year olds sing "A Holly Jolly Christmas" feel free:
  Also available on youtube at this link

Christmas Eve, and a raclette

After Christmas, we took off for a week up in northern Quebec, Canada. Long drive, but Ambroise kept busy.
We did a home exchange with friends we exchanged with a few summers ago.

Theo loves the snow.

Attack of the mutant icicles

Crepes, sauscisson, and fondue.
Snow fun

  Also available on youtube at this link 

New Years Eve in Mont Tremblant Making maple syrup candy

Starting the new year off with a bang! (and a little burning toast). Thanks Canadian Pompiers...

Back home

Look how much Madeline looks like her mom at the same age! We let you guess who is who.

Ambroise Graduated to a big boy bed!

Oscar Party with the Documentary film club. We all decided to dress up and dusted off the tuxes and formal gowns.

Theme food included:
- "Life of Pi" mini pies with pi symbol,
- "Searching for sugarman" sugared gingerbread cookie men,
- Champagne with "Elder" flower liquor for Amour,
- Hummus and pita for "Zero Dark Thirty",
- Pecan pies for Django,
- Shrimps for Beast of the Southern Wild, etc.


Last time E&G wore these outfits was 15 years ago!  Which gave us a deja-vu moment (1997 vs 2012).

Welcome baby Pierce! "See mom, the groundhog CAN see his shadow"

Valentines from Ambroise. Mom makes her own laundry soap.

Dad fixed his cracked iPad screen.

Mom took one small step into old age and got her first pair of reading glasses.            A bit of snow to say goodbye to winter.

Ambroise's current obession is watching YouTube videos on how to make rainbow cakes... and then actually doing it!

Mom and Ambroise made rainbow cupcakes for St Patrick's day.

Building a pillow & blanket fort with Theo

Mrs Schweickert, "Madame Producer" hooked up us with VIP opening night tickets to see "Hands on a Hardbody". Thanks Mrs S!

At the school fundraiser, the Muscarellos blew the roof off "Dancing with the Stars".    And for some reason, we thought we were Charlie's Angels.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

Video also available online here