Fall 2012, Sandy

1st day of eight grade!

Madeline got back in the swing of it with cheerleading and dance.

Running the stand at the Fireman's Fair

Then she got her braces off! Before and after:

Next was Theo. Before and after:

Theo sold popcorn for his boyscout's troop, over $1,500 of sales! Happy 13th Birthday!

Ambroise, party animal

Look how much my 2 boys look alike at age 3.

Madeline bought an old cream colored dresser at a garage sale and (with help from dad) fixed it up.

Newcomer's Club Welcoming Night, where we welcome new residents to town. I am still doing it! Running Book Club and Ladies Luncheon.
What a great executive board!
Welcome baby Gotham

Dad built a new side fence, before and after:

Fall photo session!
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We will now interrupt our regular blog to bring you.... Hurricane Sandy!

Waiting for Sandy.
We live in "The Worst" part of town Two days before... the shelves are empty!

Businesses are boarded up. Enjoying electricity at the pre-Sandy party.

A few hours before she hits. The coastal towns are under mandatory evacuation orders, but we managed to go see. The waters rose; the winds increased; the waves were already impressive. Even taking pictures was difficult.

The next morning we woke up.  The damage is beyond belief. It was hard to see this devastation. Cannot even capture it in photos. It was several days before we could actually get out and drive around.

No power for 12 days! No heat, no cell phones, no light.
But we did have "eat all the food in your fridge before it spoils" parties!

We were totally cut off for days and had no idea what was going on.

Being in a totally dark house is really scary for a 3 year old. But he had his little battery powered candles to help him fall asleep. Neighbors with a generator had "charge your devices" parties where you could update friends and family via Face Book or text.

Cooking by flashlight / candlelight

Puzzles by flashlight Boardgames by candlelight

People waiting in lines for gas for generators.
Gas was eventually rationed in several states.
The fridge is empty.
Time to work on the freezer.

To add insult to injury.... a snowstorm. But when life gives you snow; make a snowman.
and then let your wii / playstation deprived teenagers let out some frustration.

10 days into the "no power' darkness, friends in another town got their electricity back and gave us their generator. 1st thing I did was vaccuum and watch the news. Then we all hooked up.
And then we sent Madeline to get gas for it.

Finally Alabama power arrives to save us!

Gontran, aka "Lumber Jaques" chainsawed trees fallen from the hurricane to help the neighbors, and make a few trivets at the same time.

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Sunday November 12th, the town has a belated Halloween. Ambroise saw these photos of Madeline & Theo dressed as a turtle and wanted mommy to make him the same costume.
And as a lobster for the parade
Thanksgiving with the Laughinghouse family.

Fall dance.

See you soon !!!