Summer 2012
Our first visitors of the summer!
Anne, Matthieu and Louise came to see us and we showed them the best of our area.
We arranged a welcoming parade in their honor, before enjoying time together.
Madeline had her dance recital 
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While out on a date with Gontran, Bon Jovi walked in to the restaurant and sat at the table next to me.... whoa! 
Happy Bastille Day!
Mom made cocktails "Lillet Liberté" and Eiffel Towers made from sugar cookies.
Madeline went to France for the month of July.
She started her cultural immersion when Jerome, Emilie and Pauline showed her and Toulouse.

Hugo joined the group for a camping trip and a donkey walk in the Pyrenees.
Many thanks to Jerome for welcoming Madeline on such a memorable trip!

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Madeline then joined Mathieu, Louise, Simon, Clémentine and Thibault for a day in Paris

Before discovering Lille and Lievin with other half of the Caullet family.
Thank you Anne, Tiphaine and Bonpapa!

Meanwhile, Theo went to Boy Scout Camp.

Lisa and Mike welcomed their new babies
Ambroise took swimming lessons
A few pictures from here and there

Elizabeth with Theo in 2002, and with Ambroise in 2012.
Can you spot the differences between a summer beach in England and a summer beach in NJ?
Ambroise helps dad plant the vegetable garden

While grocery shopping with Ambroise, he asked to hold my grocery list. I asked him "OK, so what is on the list? What do we need to buy? Spell the letters." He said "M-I-L-K... that spells cookies!". Are you sure? yes! I'm sure!

Snuggling in bed one morning, Mommy asked Ambroise about his favorites. "What's your favorite color? food? flavor ice cream? number? shape, etc." After a while I asked him to ask mommy some questions about what her favorite things are. So he said "Who's your favorite Ambroise?"
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Now it's time to go to California!!

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Everybody's got to pull their weight!
We started in San Diego and slowly over 3 weeks, worked our way north.
First stop: San Diego! Goble-Herrick-Matey family time!

Watching the Olympics
Enjoying the pool and the great oudoors
The San Diego Zoo
Sea World

Nap time!

Exhausting day!
Mission San Juan Capistrano
The house is simply gorgeous!

(The equipment manual)
The company is even better

The Schweickert-Terrell-Diede-de Quillacq families together again!
Next on the schedule: driving up Highway 1
We started in San Luis Obispo at bubble-gum alley, where thousands of people have stuck their gum on a wall.
Hearst Castle
Up the coast 
Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park
Stop at a playground
In Santa Cruz to visit with the Powers
San Francisco!
A great hotel  
A room with a view!    
Elizabeth & Gontran's first appartment, in Noe Valley
"There's a paper in my cookie!"
San Francisco life
The Science Museum, the Golden Gate
A flashback: Golden Gate, 1992-2012
Off to Auntie B's and Uncle M's
Where Ambroise was quickly put to work,
collecting pinecones
and we were all spoiled and stuffed by chef Allison 
Making waffles with Uncle Mike
Gontran and I dumped the kids and headed to Napa for a few days  

Then up to Sacramento to see Grandma and Grandpa

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Grandpa lets you eat ice cream sundaes for dinner (on the couch!)
Good-bye California! Back home in New Jersey for our last days of summer 

Beans from the garden
Danny and Katherine came to visit
Working at the Fireman's Fair.
Service with a smile!
Summer is over, and it seems that we ticked off most things on our "to do" list
Here it is, your moment of zen:
That's what happens when you let your pre-teens read your 3 year old a story.

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