Spring 2012


Welcome spring!
My egg tree is a pinterest sensation  ;)
Easter Egg hunt at G and L's b-day party

Little bunny foo-foo hopping through the forest,
Scooping up the field mice and bonking them on the head.
Down came the good fairly and she said;
"little bunny foo-foo I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice and bonking them on the head.
So I'll give you 4 (3,2,1) chances to be a good bunny!"..


Also available at online here

Easter morning we have a hunt to find the baskets the Easter Bunny left. Each egg has a clue to lead you to the next egg....

Look who's wearing underwear!

He potty-trained very quickly!

Thanks iPad!

We found 3 little baby bunnies and made them a home. Unfortunately, they escaped a few days later.

Ambroise started soccer class

At Chloe's b-day party, Ambroise is pretty secure in his manhood.

A few tidbits:
- Always better communication skills: "I put my feet in my basket", "I'm dirty. I go take a bath.", "So much fun with a balloon", "I remember Bon-papa. You remember Bon-papa, papa?", "Excuse-me, papa. Can I descendre, titiwa?", "I go down the stairs tousseul" (tout seul, alone)
- Ambroise walks around the garden with Papa, putting a French word on every object: "abre" (arbre, tree), "joukil" (jonquilles, daffodill), "choulipe" (tulipe)...
- "Chonchran" (Gontran)

- Ambroise can remember from one day to the next. "I was mean to Madeline yesterday", "Papa will be at home tomorrow."
- Ambroise says good night through the video monitor - he knows we are watching him.

April's moment of zen:

Theo found this in a box and said "hey mom- this is from the old kind of camera- don't throw it away; it's really valuable- it's an antique!!


Theo went to his first bar mitzvah!

Madeline ready for the spring dance

Theo had all the boys over for a pre-dance party. Eight 12-13 year old boys. 3 pizzas, 6 corn dogs, 24 meatballs, 2 cartons of lemonade, 1 pitcher of fruit punch, 8 ice-cream sandwiches, a bag of licorice, a bag of gummy bears. Gone in 17 minutes.  


Making croissants for Mother's Day, followed by an awesome picnic in the park.

Mom went away with Jen and Bridgett to New Orleans for a long weekend!

Biggest news of the month is that mom finally got rid of her old flip phone (no data plan, 200 text/month limit....) and got the iPhone 4s!!
Her life changed overnight!  
We got the driveway re-paved. (thrilling, no?) 

We had a small playgroup birthday party for Ambroise, with appetizers for the moms (thanks pinterest!) and 2 cakes for the kids- a watermelon cake mom made (thanks again pinterest!) and a beach cake made entirely by Madeline!
Toddlers Gone Wild!!

Making cupcakes for Ambroise's birthday at pre-school Happy 3rd birthday!!


Flashback to 2002

Diego is Ambroise's favorite show.
Also available online here




7th grade water rocket experiment