November 2011: Thanksgiving


Catch me if you can


After a year of hard work on her French lessons, Madeline got her very own laptop.



Theo got a PlayStation.


Ambroise got croup. 

Steamy bathroom + nebulizer + Dora DVD = Saturday night

A walk in the park.

Theo played a 20 chess game simultaneous with the USCF National Master, US Scholastic Champion, and 2011 North American Youth Champion.

He beat out all his teammates, teenagers, adults, and even the chess coach. After 1 hour 40 minutes, Theo was the last man standing!!!

I was sweating bullets! I never knew a chess match could be so exciting! I'm so proud of him; I could burst!  I announced it on FaceBook and he got 32 "likes" and 26 comments!  Way to go Theo!


Blowing candles
Mom had another Jon Stewart sighting!  He and his assistant stood in front of me in line at the grocery store for 10 minutes.  I didn't even notice until he was walking out.  Oh man!  All the juicy gossip I could have overheard!  Too bad I was too engrossed in my Us Weekly...... (Angelina's assistant tells all!)

Feeding the hungry ducks
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Playing and falling in the leaves
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Music Class

Cooking with Mommy
(A whole bottle of spice in the bowl of water...)


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Playing with Madeline on her new computer

We shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with the Laughinghouse family.

A few titbits, starting with the thesaurus
- "C'mon, papa" - "Amboise e key-yack" - "Thank you papa, you are the best"
- "I am reading a book" - "I am sitting on a chair" - On the couch: "Move away, Papa"
- "Papa is here!"    
- "Red means stop,
  Yellow means watchout!
  White man means go,
  Green means go."
- Ambroise has understood
  "Mommy says 'Yes'; daddy says 'No'"
   and all the similar no/non, pink/rose...
- "Mommy, put your slipper on.
  Now, the other foot!"
- Mommy: "Who's the best? Mommy or Daddy?"
  Ambroise: "Amboise is the best!"
- Ambroise has understood that calling papa a "Lazy bum" makes everybody laugh. One time, he told his mom "I love you, Mom"... then added betwen his teeth "Lazy bum!".
- Ambroise loves to make fires in the fireplace with his dad. "Watch out! It's hot!"
- Ambroise sings by himself regularly, talks to himself. He can count to 20 in English.
With our best wishes for Christmas:

And here it is, your moment of zen:

Yes... Ambroise did fall off in the end.

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