October 2011: Halloween

Mom enjoyed a last minute getaway with her California girls
Thank you Mrs. S for your Texas hospitality!

Back home...

Running through a corn maze,
and walking in the woods

are still some of Ambroise's favorite things in the world.  

Mommy got the best blender ever! 

The Vitamix makes drinking spinach delicious (kinda)

Even Ambroise agrees.

Madeline can't resist putting mascara on those lashes.
Time to decorate for Halloween.

Grandpa is here!  All the way from California to spend Halloween with us!


and do puzzles

Go to the beach

Decorate our pumpkins
Go to the Fair Haven parade

(dressed as a zombie, pig-in-a-blanket and bunny)
We convinced him to participate in the Asbury Park Zombie Walk
Thousands of zombies showed up!

Gontran built a new back fence
Theo lends a hand... Ambroise also!
Mom and Dad escaped to Charleston for 5 days leaving Grandpa in charge.  It was the first parents-only vacation in quite a while!  Thank you so much dad for letting us take this break - we really appreciate it.
Fabulous music, food, museums, architecture, and weather!
Time to trick-or-treat!
A few titbits, staring with the thesaurus & a few conversations
- "En bas", "En haut"  - "I am free!"  - "Red triangle" and any color+shape 
- "Tcheo" replacing "Tchtcha"  - "Adaline" (Madeline)  - "Pancake time!" (=breakfast) 
- Ambroise: "Cookie?"
  Mom: "What's the magic word?"
  Ambroise: "Yesh!!!!"
- Mom: "What color is the house?"
  Ambroise: "Black and white"
- At 6:00 AM from his bed:
  "Hide! Hide! Mommy's coming!" 
- Ambroise knows all his colors in both English and French.
- We are teaching Ambroise the Greek letters, since he now knows his alphabet.

Who knew one day the pumpkin in the middle would hatch into little Ambroise?

And here its, your moment of Zen:

(also available at http://youtu.be/aIengk_cyw0 )