September 2011: Tidbits

Ambroise loves to go to the car wash and watch all the action through the little window.
Theo got his first salon haircut. He was surprised by how much he enjoyed the pampering!
Last trip to the beach

First day of school! 7th grade and pre-school.
Happy 12th Birthday Theo and Madeline! Madeline had her party last month, and so now it is Theo's turn!

Theo's sleepover party barely got started when things got a bit too rough .... one friend had to be taken to the emergency room for stitches in his head.....

boy, boys, boys.....
no more sleep-over parties I think.
Theo and Ambroise share a love of the hose
The annual tour de Fair Haven bike race passes right in front of our house.
A great excuse to have our friends over to drink mimosas.
And a few more pictures

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The twins love to read the tidbits from old blog updates from when they were Ambroise's age, so here are a few of Ambroise's nuggets:
- Ambroise has well understood how he can use a funnel to fill up a bottle, but he is still at a loss about why it doesn't work with bath bubbles.
- We made a big deal of his first potty success. We sat all around him in the bathroom, applauding and congratulating him on his remarkable performance. How low have we fallen...
- Ambroise can walk down the stairs with an object in each hand. Mom and Dad are definitely more scared than he seems to be, especially when he asks if he should jump from one stair to the other.
- When we show him letters, he can differentiate the "M" and the "W", the "O" and the "Q".
- Ambroise tried to copy papa bringing water to his mouth in his hands, without much success, as he clenches his fists.
- We compete to snuggle him in his bed. Theo sharing his room with him, enjoys most evenings. The end of the nap is the best quality time for the others.
- When we told him that Mamie and Bon-papa were thinking of him, his answer was "Ya ya bon-papa" (I love you, bon-papa).
- Madeline told us we were too lenient with him and wants to reduce his TV time (the Dora before the nap). Hey, how's your computer time, young lady?
Thesaurus (he can repeat any word now) & two small conversations:
- "Titiwa" = S'il-te-plait - "Pasico" = popsicle
- "Oh oha Mola" = Oh! Wholly molly! - "eye-ki-ko" = ice-cream cone
- "Pikool" = Pre-school - "Ba-ba" = Band-Aid
- Ambroise knows "light" and its opposite "heawa", "Soft" and "Ra", "left" and "rit"
Papa: "Tu as combien de mains?" (How many hands do you have?)
Ambroise: "A, da" ("Une, deux" = One, two)
Papa: Tu as combien d'yeux? (eyes?)
Ambroise: "A, da"
Papa: Tu as combien d'oreilles? (ears?)
Ambroise: "A, da"
Papa: Tu as combien de pieds? (feet?)
Ambroise: "A, da"
Papa: Tu as combien de nez? (nose?)
Ambroise: "A, da"
Ambroise: "No, no, no, no, no"
Papa: "Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui"
Ambroise: "No, no, no, no, no"
Papa: "Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui"
Ambroise: "No, no, no, no, no" (...)
Papa: "Tu veux du lait?" (do you want some milk?)
Ambroise: "Yesh!"

 The September tit-bits, starting with expressions he says on his own
- "Dada and mee... yesh?" = "It's time for my favorite show, Dora The Explorer, with a glass of milk, please" - "Ya ya bus and [???] apple" = He took a bus to go pick up apples (with Pre-school)
- "I go on the path" - "Go to beach"
- "This way", "that way" - "Scuze me"
- "Go for a walk?" - "I hear a bee"
- "Ready, set, Go!" - "I made it"
- "Adi read a boo" - "Heavy"
- "I run" - "Miba" = Music Box
Ambroise can repeat full sentences now, or even answer questions:
- "I made a stinky poo-poo"... Who taught him this one?
- "J'ai vu une biche" = "I saw a deer" - "I am a parrot"
Mom: "Do you like this book?"
Ambroise: "Yesh, I like this boo"
- Ambroise, barely 2 year-old, was presented a puzzle for 3-6 year-old. He managed to do it entirely by himself. He can also do any of the puzzles of his age, even when someone chooses the order of the pieces.
- Early in the month Ambroise didn't know 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7 in French (but knew 8, 9 and 10). At the end of the month, he can count to 10 in both French and English, and up to three in Spanish.
- While tired at a playgroup, he went to his mom and told her "home?", and was so delighted when the car arrived into the driveway "We are home! We are home!".
- Elizabeth was hiding in the corridor waiting for the preschool class to finish, and heard a little boy saying "I miss Mom"

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