August 2011: Sea, Rain and Sun

Lots of pool and beach days! 


Ambroise protects himself from the sun



Madeline and her friends goofing off 


Surf  camp!  Madeline and Theo took a week of lessons.  They really got the hang of it!


This crabbing season has been great!

Mommy bought a potty to use in a few months.... but as soon as Ambroise saw it, he wanted a try! 

He was successful on his first try! 
and did it several times over the next few days!





An older brother can teach you so many cool tricks...

Available at:


Playing with water is so much fun! 




Madeline had an early birthday party.

A sleepover "Hollywood" theme!

Theo won yet another Chess trophy!


Mom and Dad went to the Journey / Foreigner / Styx concert.  It was such a great show!




The Hunt family from London came for a visit! 



Let's quick go to the beach before Hurricane Irene arrives!
The beach club prepares...
So does Dunkin' Donuts

I'm not worried about Irene.... I'm just going to stand next to these guys!

The stores are wiped out

Otherwise, Gontran packed us a survival basket

Here she comes! 

We are directly in her path; in "the cone of danger"
And for us... here is the before picture: and the after picture:

Hmmmm...  yes, lots of wind and rain. 
Branches and trees down, but we are OK!   

We didn't even loose power!  
Just a leak in the ceiling
What the heck happened to Stypa?
Our neighbors had it worse


We bunkered down for a few days then hit the city!

And the waterpark!


And the Fireman's Fair


Back to the City to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty 




We tried to go back to the beach, but they were still cleaning up the damage


So we went back to the city for the Quiksilver Tony Hawk vert jam. 
Thanks to my brother Mike for the VIP treatment!



We got to go on top of the Quiksilver bus...


so did mom!

Gontran needs to leave the office in the office ! 

Afterwards, Sophia discovered the American Girl Store!


Goodbye NYC!

Nothing a few margaritas can't fix 

And a boat trip on the Navesink 


 The Hunt family- friends for 12 years! 


12 years for us too... 




Here it is, your moment of zen

How to destroy a hand painted table imported from Sweden, while singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' 
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