July 2011: The birds have flown the nest



The beach club, the best place to cool off from all the heat!


Madeline went to Utah for 10 days to stay with Chloe.  She took her first solo flight ever!  She even managed to charm the captain into upgrading her to first class.  That's my girl- she learned from the pro.   Salt Lake City is a wonderful place for kids.

Theo's lemonade stand to raise money for our favorite local charity.

A few Ambroise videos

Ambroise's latest moves
Also available here
(or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiATNz6CVCk)

More Ambroise's moves
Also available here
(or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYD-gUVHdFs)

A few words Ambroise knows
Also available here
(or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4QeyROPWd8)

"Yeth" (because it's too good)
Also available here
(or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIkUnxY1x8I)

Some playground fun


The twins at the waterpark; thanks Mom!


Crabbing at the Fair Haven pier; thanks Dad!

Theo showed Ambroise how to pull the rope for crabs...

Ambroise never stopped pulling the rope out of the water after that, again, and again, and again, and again... 

A few miscellaneous


A walk in the park (Hold on a minute... Is that a barrier I can hang onto?)


The Butlers came back for a visit


A wedding in the city! Congrats Adam and Kristin! A fabulous reason to get dressed up!



Theo took his first solo flight (with a change of planes in LA- whoa!) to go on an all-boys backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains with Uncle Mike, cousins Ryan and Nato, and friends Joe and Rocco.  Testosterone!

Thanks uncle Mike for taking care of Theo on such a great trip.
and then he spent a couple of days with Grandma,  Grandpa and cousins Nicole and Daria.  Thanks for the pool party!

Theo has set-up a MineCraft server on his laptop. A dozen of his friends have now joined his world.

You should see the incredible house with miles of underground of rooms and corridors he has built in this world.

A world, which now takes 700 MB of RAM, and his laptop struggles to manage something of this size.


Ambroise's progress


A few little things here on there about the progress of his language skills:

- We heard him say a perfect "Mommy" instead of the usual "Mama" and pronounce a perfect "Merci", a nice "lapin"  (rabbit) in the yard, as well as a clean "I hit my head" while massaging his head.... He can say without being asked a perfect "No, thank you", which have stunned more than one of our guests.

- Early in July, he managed a beautiful "Yaya mama" (I love you mommy), initiated entirely on his own. Now, at the end of the month, "Yaya dada" (I love you Madeline) and  "Yaya cha-cha" (I love you Theo) are standard evening expressions.



- He can point to half the colors and almost all the basic shapes when they are named in French!

- When shown the July 4th fireworks, his reply was "Lights.. AND MOON !!!"... everyone is entitled to his own life priorities, right?

- He knows the difference between "good" and "bad". But everything we mention is "bad"...

The small red car is "MY car"... yet again an example of how he can associate words together now. He talks to himslef all the time, and sings to himself also. 

- He loves the alphabet singing frog, which teaches him the letters.


But where did he learn that skill?
(Alsoavail. here and at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIfu5PTrg7Q)

A few things on his general progress

- Theo tried to teach Ambroise the correct prononciation of his first name other than "cha-cha". It turned into "Ti-wow". They give each other "high fives" and "fist pumps".

- A. loves jumping on Madeline's bed in the evening, but will enjoy a snuggle into Mommy & Daddy's bed in the morning, snuggling in with Theo. He loves tunnelling in bed. Another wiggly worm like his brother and sister?

- Any cake is now called a "Happy Day" (a cake where you sing Happy Birthday)

- A loves "I-kee-kom" = ice cream cone better than the ice-cream in it. 

- He also loves dropping a color pelet in his bath (that's how we bribe him every evening into taking one).

- He has learned the difference between happy and sad. A few days later, while walking in the forest, we asked him how he felt. He said a joyfull "Apee!!!!". Definitely and outdoor kinda guy. 

- One evening, in his bath, he lifted up his butt, keeping his head down... and looked at himslef pee! Which means he knew when he would be peeing soon. Is it time for potty-training?

- He loves his train set SOO much. He now goes for the wood set, with an electric Thomas tank engine. He builds it, drives the engines forwards and backward, attaches cars, and loves it when it goes into the tunnels.

- A. loves his electric tooth brush, especially using it to clean the walls.  Even the soap bar! 

- He knows how to turn on and off all the electric toys, tank engine of course, but also all the games around the basement.  



And a few tidbits about his social interactions:

- Looking for "litin bugs" (lightning bugs) is now part of the going-to-bed ritual. After only a few dusks in the back yard, he knows exactly what they are, as he run after them, suddenly stopping in his tracks saying "Litin bugs, whea a you?". Ambroise loves when we catch them, but knows they are "high in arbre" (high in the tree) when we can't.  

- A. thinks of "bon-papa" regularly. He sometimes tells us "Ya-ya bon-papa" (I love you Bon-Papa) at bedtime. That's a pretty long memory for someone who wasn't even two when he met Bon-Papa 4 months ago.

- He enjoyed washing daddy's hair in the bath, but he loves much more brushing Mom's long hair down her face, ask "mommy, where are you?" and giggles so hard when mom throws her hair behind her back and smiles at him.

- A. can be joyfull, snuggly and welcoming when dad comes back from work, but he can also be very shy. In this case, his little sideway look when approaching daddy is so cute!



And here it is.... your moment of zen

Two stubbed little toes