June 2011: From wedding to birth

Ready for a road trip? Here we go to Danny and Katherine's wedding at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Madeline and Theo handed out the programs

the ceremony
the dinner
and the party
(which Madeline definitely appreciated)
Congratulations to the bride & groom!

There were a few cultural stops on the drive, both on the way in and back, like a Middle-Age traditional Bavarian farm, or the Shenandoah Valley civil war museum. There was also a stop at the Crayola factory.

Back in NJ..... Ambroise and his yellow truck

Madeline and Theo and the entire 6th grade went away for 4 days and three nights to a place called Stokes. Lots of learning, bonding and fun!

The Beach is officially open!
Thank goodness because it's hot!

A little house maintenance....

The new fence project, phase 1: how it was before
Phase 2: destruction (thank you M&T) + cutting the trees
Phase 3: Measuring the positions of the old poles. Bad news... definitely not straight!
Phase 4: building, supervising (thank you M, T, E & A), making a door with new hinges and lock, moving earth, planting flowers.
Phase 5: appreciation...ahhhhh
And many thanks to Michael, whose incredible experience prevented this one-turned-three-week-end-project from turning into a 6 week-end-project!

Happy birthday Mom

Goodbye Annmarie

Ambroise's devlopment
- Ambroise probably knows about half the alphabet now. He can sing the backpack and the map songs from Dora the Explorer (too much TV?). If you ask Ambroise for the tenth time if he wants his Dora and milk, his answer remains "Ohh? Okkkk".
It's almost as adorable
as his "yes' that sounds like "yeth"

Also on YouTube here

- He prefers his "dig milk" to a "lidle milk". And he wants it "lidle hot", but not "dig hot", "lidle cold" or "dig cold".

Also on YouTube here

Also on YouTube here

- New words are "cool" and "it's coooooold". His word association gets better.
- He knows the word "hammer", which nobody remembers teaching him (Mom didn't tell him, and Dad would have called it "marteau"). Did he heard that during his numerous trips to the hardware store with Dad?
- He must have liked his birthday. Any cake Ambroise sees is now called "Happy happy day"
Also on YouTube here

- We are still unsure about his IQ level. Ambroise calls his nipples "ouchies", which was cute. On the other hand, we didn't find the lip outchie very cute when he tried to brush his teeth with mommy's razor. Ambroise saw handles on each side of a shampoo bottle and immediately understood that his milk sippy cup was hidden behind. But he still believes that bunnies hide in the trees with the squirrels, although he now knows that they have longer ears. He's at least as smart as a monkey - when he sees Daddy with a nail in his mouth, he does the same. He can recognize and say almost all his colors in English, but he only recognize some colors in French. Ask him to draw/paint a blue ballon in whatever language, and he does it well.

- A loves to be read books. It is so funny to see him walk backwards to fall into your laps. Mom obliges probably thirty times a day. When he approaches the table with a book, we all look down and away.

A few family tidbits
M&T love watching Falling Skies with their dad. Learning about the horror of war, kiddies?

Theo and Dad went to see transformers. Good summer blockbuster.

E&G went together to see "Midnight in Paris", with so many references to E's reading.

Yes we have so little free time, that going to the movies is rare!

Welcome to the family Abigail!!! Ryan & Desiree's first baby, as well as Uncle Mike and Aunt Barbara's first grandchildren, was born on June 28th. She is adorable, and the parents are discovering parenthood with delight...