May 2011: Happy second birthday Ambroise

Welcome to the world!
Here is
Timothé, Loic and Sophie's second baby:

The next big event of the month was Ambroise's birthday party. We had a simple gathering at the playground (a bit different from Madeline & Theo's luxury party on the island of Mauritius, off the coast of Africa).

Madeline did face painting and
Theo helped the kids do chalk pictures.

Ambroise's birthday on the true date was celebrated at home...
Daddy once again came back from work too late, and Ambroise was soooo tired that evening.

But he is still a bug.

Development progress
- On the language side, we have realized that "Dig" (aka "big") cannot be uttered without lifting both arms in the air. Similarly, "dick-da-doll" (aka "kick-the-ball") cannot be uttered without lifting a foot. He is able to associate words together, like "dig arbre" vs "lidle arbre" (big tree vs little tree). BTW, he knows that Mommy says "tree" while daddy says "arbre".

- He can do puzzles with multiple pieces (not just peg in a hole ones), knows the letter A,T, M, P, but also H (mixed with "ants"?), O, S and F now. He can close his eyes and blow kisses. He throws his ball under a car to justify the use of a big stick to get it out. He runs VERY fast, and we really have to keep both eyes on him when he is in the yard, because of the access to the driveway. He discovered the wind in the hair effect of opening car windows while driving.

- He loves brushing his teeth, but still can't resist biting the toothbrush. The strong mint flavor isn't quite his favorite.

- Ambroise's renderings of the balloon are now realistic and quick - he spends quite a lot of time drawing. He still likes them "popped" = poked with the crayon afterward. He has also realized that a sponge is much more efficient at removing his bathtub drawings than his bare hands.

- Ambroise is in his meticulous phase. He reorganizes the Japanese dolls perfectly, aligns the cubes in the box with all the animals facing up, realigns the boxes of nails and paint cans perfectly when visiting the hardware store. He had a period where he couldn't have one little piece of dirt on his hands, which had to be perfectly cleaned. Same for the ball, which couldn't be kicked before being cleaned (licked!) of all leaves... The one crumb of brocolli on the pasta is still a problem, but he has learned to say "No, thank you" when there is something unusual on his plate.

- We heard a full story one day when Ambroise woke up: A "butterfly" had landed on his "arm" (new word!) and gave him an "ouchie". He wanted us to put "cream" or blow "kisses" on his arm. Looking carefully at the place he was pointing to, we could distinctly see a moquito bite!

Madeline playing with A

Some family resemblance?

Nothing like a toddler in a diaper and ghetto sprinklers!

Ready for summer!

Check out Ambroise's baby Dior shirt that mommy scored in a Paris second-hand store for $5 !

May also saw the end of the Oprah show

Theo made his famous corn soup with bacon! Yum-o.

Madeline in full make-up

See you soon!