March 2011: Marching on

Only a few stories and pictures about Ambroise this month, as life simply went on.

Language & expression progress:
-A few words
"bay bay" = bubble
"daa" = ball
"Me" = moon, but also milk
"Car" = star. The "voiture", very French, tends to turn into "voom voom".
Ambroise said beautiful "Je t'aime maman"

- Usually Mom fills Dad in about what Ambroise did during the day. Now Ambroise can say it by himself. And it usually evolves around
"Ba", meaning "book" = he went to the library,
"Kick da dow" = he played with the ball on the driveway for an hour,
"woo woo" = he heard a dog bark
"Twinkle" = he sang the song
"see-saw" = he played at the park
"open n' shut" = he went to Gymboree

- A few new favorites
He loves to fall face first into the bean bag.
He loves to play with the laser pen.
He jumps for good, with both of his feet leaving the ground.
His new joke is to express disgust when we give him a kiss goodnight.

- He knows the letter A really well, and knows his first name starts with one. But he hasn't remembered yet the "M", the "T" or the "P". He has not understood yet the concept of writing either, as anything written (even markings on a map) makes him sing the Alphabet song.

- Difference of language seems to be a known concept. "Apple" is the word he pronounces the best, and we congratulate him every time he says it. Until one time he turned to his dad and said "Pomme". Epiphany!!!!

- Ambroise has no difficulty with puzzles anymore. He can do them all, and actually asks us: "Here? No... Here? No... Here? YES!!". He also tells us all the noise of all animals when he does the animal one.

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Although, sometimes...

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And a few little stories:

- Mom went back to the gym again for the first time of the season. Ambroise was not happy about going with the ladies at the child care, but the lady in charge told Elizabeth that his sorrow would pass away a few seconds after her departure. 10 minutes later the same lady went to get Elizabeth in her spin class, saying that the team had never seen anything like this. Ambroise was crying his lungs out, scaring all the other kids and moms, and had to leave. When seeing his mom, Ambroise rushed to her, held up his arms high and said "PLEAAZE, MOM, PLEAZE". As soon as his mom picked him up, he turned to the ladies, waved and told them a huge "BYE-BYE, BYE-BYE", before hudding his mom so strongly. The message was clear.
- Ambroise and Theo play hide-and-seek. Ambroise is usually the one hiding. Wherever Theo goes around the room, asking "Is Ambroise here?", there's always a little voice from behind the couch that says "No!"...

- Ambroise has followed his brother & sister's footsteps and has been sick with stomach flu. During those two weeks, we lost our usual happy and funny lovebug, and had a grumpy and moany toddler, which only his mommy could get close to or hold.

- During that period, Ambroise had a poo accident in the bath, while Madeline was in charge. She was so surprised that she yelled for help. Ambroise was so surprised by the reaction, he was sure he had done something really awful... By the time dad arrived to pick him out of the bath, he was crying and sobbing. It took a while to reassure him.

Running around without pants is risky business

Madeline keeps advancing in ice skating.

She's really good!

There were a (very) few warm days in March: