Website February 2011: Seeing is Believing

Ambroise has discovered crayons,
and pencils, and pens,

and walls to draw on.

Guess what he asks us to draw for him 99.9% of the time?
When the music starts, Ambroise can't control himself.
(also on youtube here)
Madeline gave Ambroise a make-over. He didn't mind as long as he could play with his blocks while she did it.
My Utah girls, Bridgett and Marcy came to visit! Thanks for a fantastic girl's weekend!

Theo got glasses! Could he possible be any more handsome? No way!

He looks so much like cousin Matthieu now!

For the 6th grade Valentine's dance, Theo had all his buddies over for a pre-dance pizza party.

Sorry, no more photos were allowed :(

Happiness is a puddle.

(Also on youtube here)

Language & expression progress:

A few bits and pieces, some unrelated pictures, and to start with, some vocabulary:

"Dig da" = "Big ball", another variant is "Dig Arbe" = "Big Tree"

"Dick da daw" = Kick the ball (meaning let me out, I need to run away from you people)

"Hatchi" = "High Chair"

"TchaTcha" = "Theo"

"TchaTchaTcha" = "Butterfly"

"Dadada" = Madeline

"Mee" = "Milk" (we hear that one a lot between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM)

"Sheeeeeeeeeezz", executed with a Japanese forward bending motion = "would you mind?"

"Dady" = "Thank you"

"Heeyoogopapa" = "Here you go, papa" after handing a book.

"Cooa Cooa" = "Croa Croa" (c'mon, you know it. That's the noise made by the French frogs!)

"Abayabudallaabannadattawwaa" = He came to his mommy, made that whole long sentence, then turned around and left. We are still wondering what it meant.

And a few little stories:

- Theo loves to bring Ambroise lots of fun with his scooter; he drives around the living room with Ambroise between his legs.

- Writing on walls/couches puts Ambroise in his little timeout seat, a place... he actually likes. We sometimes find him sitting on it, wagging the finger and saying "No! No!". The true punishment is actually to ignore him; we refuse to pick him up when he comes head down for a snuggle after being told off... which hurts us more than it hurts him! But it works, and we saw him one time going back to the corner of the room, head down, to play with his little toy silently.... Heart-breaking.

- The supermarket is quite some action, especially on rainy days. The first time Daddy took Ambroise to the store, he suddenly run away and disappeared from sight. Dad finally found him in the cookie aisle, in total awe by the huge display of cookie boxes! The next time, he pointed to a box of cookies to Madeline saying a beautiful "Pleaaaaazzzzze!"

- Ambroise has discovered what singing is, or more exactly, has heard his family sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and realized he couldn't do it. So all four of us are regularly singing in unison to him, signalling stars and diamonds with our hands. Madeline later on found a video of the song on Youtube, which he now loves so much, he even listens to it in Japanese. He can recognize the song from his crib mobile. From time to time, he sings "up above a wowowo... li a damm..." to us with his arms up and his fingers in the shape of a diamond, and ask us to sing it for him.

- Ambroise is incredibly good with building towers out of wood blocks. And he is very excited about it.

(also on youtube here)

- When Mom went away for one night with her friends, daddy took his young son to sleep next to him (well protected by heavy pillows so that he wouldn't fall of the bed). BIG mistake. Not only does Ambroise move all night long, but he also has many moments of full lucidy, where he talks, crawls, walks around, stands up, looks by the window and wants to play. Daddy, so unawake during these periods, got concerned for safety and had to put Ambroise back into his bed.

- Ambroise has lots of energy. He RUNs to the library, which is probably a whole mile away. That's a long distance for a mom running behind to make sure he won't cross the street, while also pushing a stroller.

- Daddy loves to do animal sounds through the door when picking him up from his nap. So much that if Ambroise hears a dog barking in the street, he now tells his mommy: "Papa?"

- Ambroise reckognizes himself in the mirror, as he plays "peek-a-boo" or talks with himself!

- Our little jokes: saying "kakak" (French for "yucky!") after doing a goodnight kiss. If his mommy says "Je t'aime" he answers with "papa!".

- Ambroise loves to turn and spin around, again and again. But he has still not realized that is causes him to loose his balance...

(Also on youtube here)

- Pillows are a well understood concept. We saw him reorganize all of the living room pillows very neatly back on their respective chairs. When laying on the couch for his 'movie and milk' pre-bed routine, he considers a pillow behind the head absolutely necessary. So much so that he once brought one to Theo when he was laying on the couch watching TV!

- Ambroise seems to have a favorite member in the family, to whom he will display lots of affection. That favorite person changes. At times, only his mother will be allowed to hold him, or only Madeline will be allowed to give him his bath. But Mom is still always disapointed when Ambroise greets her after his nap with a "Papa?". But at other times, he will walk to his mommy from nowhere and hug her legs. In the evening, he waits by the window for Daddy to come back... and then smiles, turns around and dances when he gets in! Once, he picked up a phone, dialed a number, put the phone to his ear and said "papa?".