January 2011: More snow!

Ambroise has difficulty maneuvering his car through all this snow...

But it's great for sledding...

... and playing


The lease is up for the awesome Enclave, so we got another one (left picture from 3 years ago).

Building towers is still our favorite group activity.

More snow! And school is closed.

Lucky Dad is on a trip across Europe for business, but also seeing family and friends.

Ambroise is standing next to the DVD player saying "uh-oh boom!"

The first of many broken electronics I think.

Ambroise has put two words together. Mamma and hi. To get my attention he says mamma mamma mamma mamma mamma hi! hi!

Mom's New Year's Resolution is to socialize more.

So she kicked off January with a White Elephant party.
What a hoot! Thanks for a great evening ladies!

Ambroise has moved from the big kitchen sink to the bathtub. Lots more room to splash.

Snow again! This January has officially had the most snow for 116 years. Take that 1894!

Madeline had Ambroise on her lap in front of the laptop googling his favorite images. balloons, dogs, fire engines, bubbles, etc. All of a sudden she screamed. "I googled "balls" and there's some really inappropriate photos! Totally gross! ewwwww!"

Ambroise is now 20 months old!