October 2010: Small Steps

Remember last month,
when Ambroise was almost doing his first steps?
Well, look who's walking now.

Walking alone at the school fair:
Or at the bookstore
Practicing at home
Elizabeth found some extraordinary shoes, normally for late walkers:

Ambroise's nickname is "shaggy" but it breaks my heart to have to cut all that soft, silky baby hair. But we all got sick of the "she's so pretty" comments.

Mom learned her lesson from his first trim and took him straight to the experts Frank and Anita.
"Oh this is horrible"
"Um, maybe not so bad"
The cheering section

Looking good!

Helping hands
Mom entered the local pie contest....but didn't win :(

The pies weren't wasted, though....

The nap schedule totally changed! One nap! It has been so great to switch from 2 naps. Before, he was taking the first nap from 9-11 and another one from 2-4. Now we can go out in the morning, come home for lunch and then take one long nap. He is up and ready for Madeline and Theo to come home from school. In fact, we walk down the street and meet them. Ambroise gets so excited when he sees his brother and sister.

Still his 2 favorite things: balls and balloons

Even though he gets into mischief; we love him

Getting our pumpkins ready for Halloween.
A bit different this year.

A few nice pictures of Ambroise

A beautiful day at the beach.

Go fly a kite!

Nothing as wonderful as a sleeping baby

Theo continues his love affair with sugar

A month late, but mom finishes Theo's cork board

Look what happens when mommy gets distracted during meal time.

That's right ladies, I'm strutting in Burberry

Ready for cold weather

Madeline shows Ambroise the joy of the slide (the joy she discovered 10 years ago...)

Halloween parade! A giraffe, mummy, IPOD and .......

Guess who we are?
We have an "invitation" to the white house
and a bottle of Oasis wine

Ambroise learns that if he makes a mess, he can also clean it!
Which makes a game he plays at regularly.
Drops of milk... all clean!
Drops of milk... all clean!
Drops of milk... all clean!

Bon Papa and Emilie have arrived from France!

First- a trip to the beach to fly a kite!
A corn maze / berry-picking expedition turns into a wine tasting experience
Madeline and Theo take them to New York City.

Emilie and Bon Papa go back on their own another day.

Shopping trip

First fire of the season. Ambroise is impressed.
Building a spider web for Halloween(but still missing a couple of skeletons stuck in it)

Mischief night.

M&T still had ammunition at curfew,
so they TP'ed our own trees!

The day before Halloween, Asbury Park organized a Zombie Walk, which brought over 4000 zombies on the boardwalk.
We had great fun both preparing ourselves for it (over a game of belote) and walking it - being entirely surrounded by the living-dead, bloody brides, pirates, escaped patients and murdered passers-by was completly eerie.

The big day is here!
Some people change their minds regarding costumes.
My cute little giraffe turns into a zombie at the hands of his sister and cousin.

Theo and Dad go zombie too.

Mom does a Chilean miner.

Bon Papa is a warewolf

Emilie is a wild cat

What a family!

Trick or treat!
Lots of candy, of course

Gontran takes the day off and takes the Frenchies back to NYC,
Downtown, cheese fondue and Guggenheim

Thanks for the visit!

And a cute one - Ambroise's cuddles with Theo

This month's "guess who?" is pretty easy!