SEPTEMBER 2010: Happy Birthday!

September brings the first day of school! 6th grade!

We enjoy the last days of summer...

Ambroise started his first baby class!

He can go up the stairs all by myself...

...and ride a Fireman's truck at the "Touch a Truck" fair

He still loves to play in the bath, and to offer lots of joy.

September 15th... Happy 11th birthday Madeline and Theo!

Madeline has chosen a camping themed slumber party, with a full program.
First we set up the backyard with a huge tent, (fake) campfire area and lighting.

Roasting hot dogs in the fire (with the airconditioning on full blast)

Camping themed scavenger hunt

Scary stories around the campfire (tissue paper and flashlights)

Popcorn and a movie

And a pancake breakfast

Roasting marshmallows

Night night!

For his party, Theo took a bunch of boys down to Asbury Park's pinball arcade.

Madeline got
a high score

For Theo's present, mom repainted a desk for Theo's room.

Almost finished!
and made a huge corkboard made out of real corks

If you look closely you'll see lots of "1999", the year of his birth.

Mom quickly remembered how much she hates painting.
Thanks dad for finishing...

And here is the final result:

Madeline got new sheets for her bed (pink is for babies).
And mom repainted her room.

Goodbye pink/orange/yellow stripe.


For their birthday dinner, they requested mozzarella sticks and macaroni and cheese.
And "not the yucky homemade kind- we want the yummy frozen kind from the store."

Self-feeding is a difficult skill to master.

Ambroise created his first piece of art.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Brotherly love

Soccer season has started
Ambroise enjoys watching

Chess Club

By taking this picture (flash) and sitting next to him, Dad & Madeline made Theo lose his focus... and the game.

Lesson learned. We won't interfere anymore.

Tour de Fair Haven.

Next year, picnic on our lawn!

Time for a haircut?

And a few videos of Ambroise:
About Trust:
About skills:

And a few about Ambroise's walking progress:
September 2nd: Not interested at all
September 6th: Only if held, and not long
September 10th: after days of refusals, Ambroise now accepts to walk... We enjoy these precious moments while they last
September 15th: This day marks his first steps - his present for Madeline and Theo's birthday!
September 25th: Walking is more and more part of his reflexes. Ambroise knows that it's more convenient sometimes.
September 27th: Ambroise enjoys it.

Huge walking progress happened on the first days of October... huge!
But you will have to wait until the next update to see them!

'till then, lots of love to you all!