July 2010: Shore leave

Hanging out at the beach club

Barbecue at the Ryans. Hot weather. The kids cool in the water. Ambroise wants to put his feet in the tub.

And as one could foresee, Ambroise ended up head first in the water.

Madeline is working on a new painting for her room.

The family got a new computer, and Ambroise a new toy

Nothing as beautiful as a sleeping baby….

Happy 4th of July!

Mom (finally) gets a hair cut. 10 inches to "Wigs for Kids" and a few more on the salon floor.

This summer, Mom decided to hire a babysitter for Ambroise one day a week so Mom, Madeline and Theo can have time together. We do things that we couldn't do with a baby. So far we've been to the waterpark, the movies (Toy Story 3 is brilliant!), the laser tag maze, and an arcade.

Ambroise LOVES the car Mrs. D gave him.

Rain, rain go away- we want to go out and play!

Lazy summer days

Ambroise knows how to climb stairs (going down is still not part of the skills)

(also at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmL3RBhE06A)

(also at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA87RIoRUfs)

Pool and beach time

Ambroise loves playing with the sand so much, he can't help giving it big hugs.

“5 o’clock shadow”

Preaching to the crowds.

Crabbing season!
Early morning is the best time to go.

Everybody enjoys crabbing.

The harvests were commensurate to the kids' fun. Cooking them was part of the fun too. Each crab was given a name before being boiled... "Mr Big", "Wiggly" and "Sleepie" eventually turned into "You are going to die!" and "Who wants to join me in the hottub?"

Ambroise loved the puppy store, and did his famous happiness dance.


Mom enjoyed 5 days in Palm Springs with Trae and Jenn-- friends for 30+ years!

Our Wednesdays with just Madeline, Theo and Mom continue. It is great to have freedom from baby-land. (Ambroise does like Maddy the babysitter!) One week we went to the Belmar sandcastle contest
And the pinball museum and arcade

Now, about that hair, Ambroise. It’s getting too long! Time for a trim.
“Mommy! What did you do to me?” sorry, baby.

Madeline and Theo are working on improving their cooking skills. And mom is sick of cooking. So once a week they take turns making a meal of their choice. They start with a recipe, go grocery shopping alone, and fix the entire meal without help (kinda). Theo made breakfast- bacon, eggs and juice. He has also made ham and cheese puff pastries, and corn soup. Madeline made pork chops, blue cheese and bacon jacket potatoes, and a big breakfast.

While going to chess one Sunday morning, there was an exposition of collectible cars on the parking lot. The cars ranged from vintage to modern one-of-a-kind. Theo and Dad wandered through. Theo even stepped into a movie prototype car...

Snap! A photograph was there. And Theo is now in the local paper.


Ambroise practices his stair climbing - he loves going up on that little box. He is literally drawn to it.

Of course, going down from it still requires a bit of exterior help...

Ambroise has discovered the on/off switch on the kitchen radio. He loves turning it on after his bath (and even more when his family start dancing on the music!)