June 2010: Ahoy Matey!

Ambroise got his first pair of shoes and is practicing standing.

good morning sunshine!

Theo participated in a Chess tournament with the New Jersey State Champion. 17 people each had a board and the champion played each simultaneously. Theo lasted quite some time!

Theo and mom are working on a corkboard made of corks. Start drinking more, dad!

Don’t mess it up, Ambroise.
Ambroise will help

Beach time!

Sandy Hook beach concerts have begun!

Dad joins us after work. He’s the only one on the beach in a suit. And probably the only Frenchman in the world eating friend chicken and drinking Budweiser.

Jenn and Peyton
Check out the new tv cabinet—an old army filing cabinet

Suffice it to say Ambroise LOVES all the drawers. Toddler heaven.

For an end of year project, all the fifth graders did a “create-a-cartoon” competition. Madeline’s team won! 100% done by them, check it out: Heck of a Fly!

The video is also available at this link or :

It’s time for a Matey reunion!

Where better than on the high seas? Leaving from New York for a 5 day cruise to Canada. Brother Mike, Amy, with kids Miles and Lia.

The bath tub in the cabin is a bit smaller than we’re used to…. but there’s someone else to play with

Movie and a hot tub

night, night!

Changing of the guard

Thanks for babysitting Aunt Amy and Uncle Mike.

We were determined not to spend nap time in the cabin, so tried putting Ambroise in the bassinet stroller with a cover. It was like the womb! He kicked and pushed.

So mom just walked him around for hours

Off for a late night dip in the pool

Nova Scotia

The four kids shared a cabin with bunk beds. Suffice it to say that the room looked like a frat house after a weekend of parties. Melted ice cream, musty bathing suits and pizza crusts everywhere. We left a generous tip for housekeeping.

Back home we celebrated ……mom's…….40th…birthday!

Thank you Matey’s!

On my birthday morning, Madeline made me eggs (with candles!), bacon, croissant and OJ.

My dad sent me a DVD movie of music and photos of my life. What a unique and thoughtful gift. Thank you, dad!

Blast from the past (same bed!)