April 2010: Newton�s Law tested: �Objects in motion...�

Ambroise is getting ready to crawl. We know it will be any day now...

He manages to catch objects further and further away from him. At some point he will understand that he can get a little bit further if he only moves his legs a bit too!

That day, we�ll need stairgates - he doesn�t even crawl yet, but we are already consumed with fear.

Any other parents know what we mean?

He still is very playful and happy.

Unless he�s got banana in his eye, that is.

Lots of toys at bathtime�.

But how did they get down there?


New use for compressed air - Blowing air on Ambroise is always worth a giggle.

Click on the picture to see the video, or type the link below in your browser:


And after several attempts, Ambroise had made the biggest step in his life so far.

That�s it, he can crawl!!! His first crawls were SOOO cute. Here they are:

Crawling behind Theo�s car


Ambroise blows a tire


This make-up will be mine!


And now, of course, he�s going into everything now... And into trouble!

And our biggest fear has turned into reality...

He has discovered how to go down the stairs.

Eleven in a row, all by himself!!!

goose egg

Black eye

But there�s some good also in mobility. He plays �fetch� all by himself.

He catches the ball, throws it, crawls to it, catches the ball, throws it...

A few miscellaneous pictures.

Every month, another month. He�s eleven month old!

How much progress in so little time... We can�t recognize him from his first pictures.

He can crawl and stack cubes.

(and he�s getting really good at it, making five-cube-high towers within two days)

Click on the photo, or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p865_YcFZ8

Not everything revolves around Ambroise.

A few other events did happened at the Quillacq clan this month...

Despite the full cast on her left leg, mom decides to grow the garden again this year.

We have learned a bit from last year

- no need to make it too big ... More sun is the most important

- choose well your seeds. Broccoli leaves aren�t as good as real broccoli.

- use a metal mesh; the rabbits know how to break open the plastic mesh!

Playdate with Peyton

You remember that bird in the bathroom?

Well, Dad did crawl through the attic (full of dust, insulation and bugs!!!) to find the hole by which it came through... No such thing! Lovely.

It�s a magic bird. Or we need to drink less wine...

With the digital camera and a stand, we made some pretty cool animees.

Bus accident by Mom and Theo

Click on the picture or use the link below


Hand play by Madeline

Click on the picture or use the link below


Knights (Chevaliers) by Theo

Click on the picture or use the link below


Our website update wouldn�t be complete without a few comparisons - can you guess who is who?

Will you come and see me next month for my new accomplishments? my first words, maybe?