March 2010: Suntanned!

Theo and Madeline were honored with �Students of the Month�

Daddy finally got rid of his junky car, and got a fun Jeep!

When he purchased the Honda from a friend (upon arriving to the US), fixing the front right light had cost more than the car... and that was quite a few years ago.

The cow had been milked enough.

The snow is melting.

RIP Mr. Frosty

It is just about warm enough to head outdoors for a picnic.

And maybe even our first bike ride.

Certainly a trip to the playground.

And another trip to the playground

Happy 50 th Sarah!

Happy � birthday Madeline and Theo!

Cousin Ryan sent treasures from Afghanistan

Ambroise suddenly decided to stop breastfeeding. 2 weeks of mommy doing everything to woo him back changed nothing. So.....

Introducing�.. the sippy cup

Here it is in video... Nothing that you wouldn�t have expected, but still so cute!

Click on the picture for direct access, or follow this link:

I can stand!

Ambroise has a few tricks: He can clap, raise the roof (picture below), cough, point at the fan (with raspberries) and shake his head �no!�. Kisses are eventual, so is bye-bye with his hand.

His nickname was do-do noo-noo.

Currently it is doodle noodle.

Daddy still calls him bou-bou (for bout-de-chou)

A bunch of miscellaneous pictures

Ambroise had fun at playgroup

Dinner is served, Monsieur

But table manners are not quite up to par.

I know I can catch that water flow if I try hard enough

Or may be I should use two hands?

Click on the pictures for the videos, or follow these links:

Vacation time, finally! We decided to do something totally different for us�and all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.

After many days of shopping, packing and organizing�.

While �Ambroise thinks mommy spent too much�

We arrived in paradise!

At the airport, Ambroise discovers the largest ceiling fan he has EVER seen (refer to last month�s update and his obsession.)

Let�s start with a night swim

Soon followed by many more

Ambroise loves sand, but not the waves.

Madeline and Theo discover the swim-up bar,

the waterslide,

the bouncer,

the rock wall,

and the zip-line:

Did we mention riding the train around the hotel grounds,

snorkeling at sea,


enjoying their OWN room,

and simply enjoying the water and the sun.

Ambroise eventually discovered the swim-up bar as well

And bananas on the beach - How long can you survive on bananas only?

It�s been a few years since we were on a glass bottom boat!

Dad, Madeline and Theo spent a day off-road.

Dad was driving, pushing the buggy to the limit on the bumpy roads. That was really fun, but a bit hard on the buggy.

Final tally: Dad 1 - Buggy 0.

Broken transmission; the trip was finished on a spare quad.

Ambroise went back to the bar

Things got a little out of hand when he ordered doubles

Does the picture on the right ring a bell? It was with Theo, in 2001, in Mauritius.

Speak of the devil...

Daddy enjoyed a book.

And so did Madeline

And so did Mom

Too bad Theo finished both his books on the airplane on the way in.

Madeline, who had done gymnastics for a couple of years, tried to teach Dad the cartwheel, but he�ll never be able to do it correctly.

We went to the Japanese Teppanyaki to celebrate all our kids being �10�. Ambroise 10 months and Madeline and Theo 10 years.

A quick game of crapette before diner�..

We can�t remember who won.

Ambroise feet for dessert!

We all feel recharged and relaxed

And definitely suntanned...

Well most of us....