February 2010: Snowed under

Guess what, more snow!

Great opportunity to improve on igloos-always-in-the-middle-of-the-path skills... and on snowblobs.

We took the kids sledding at the first ray of sunshine, even Ambroise!

It was hard to find a place where 200 other people haven�t had this most original idea. The park rangers for all the best places around were refusing access.

We eventually found a small place that proved great for all.

Madeline is really enjoying her ice skating lessons. She is such a joy to watch!

Practicing at the pond

After the ice had been duly tested...

... by all the judges.

Theo does great at the chess match.

We are so proud of you, Theo!

Guess what, snow again!

With all this cold, we have greatly improved on our ice-wind-chimes.

now that�s more like it!

Fun kid�s meal. Dry spaghetti pushed through cut up hot dogs- put in boiling water for an interesting meal.

Auntie B arrives! We can�t wait to share with our Californian Aunt a true white east coast winter.

More importantly, she hasn�t seen Ambroise since he was 4 weeks old! We have all missed each other so much.

A Valentine�s Day party

Bob and Kristin.

the Wigington�s

�What�s in your mouth, Bob?�


The DiPaolo�s

The fridge was full, and there were many more drinks to cool.

Isn�t snow a wonderful thing?

We can�t have Auntie B visit without a fondue

A day at the Metropolitan Opera for the girls. First, start with a behind the scenes tour.

Then dinner at the Grand Tier

Followed by an amazing performance of �La Fille du Regiment�

Too bad Juan Diego Florez was sick.

Mom and son went out to eat and then to see the movie �the Lightening Thief�.

Dad and Madeline attended the Father-Daughter dinner dance - that was a blast.

Meanwhile, Auntie B did the babysitting (Thanks!)

And as with all our visitors, the joy has to come to an end at some point.

Goodbye Barbara � we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nine months old today.

He�s spent as much time in the world as in the womb.

�Hmmm, should I have stayed in there?�

Another snow storm! It�s serial snow!

We found a bird in the bathroom upon waking up...

The window was closed! He came in through the air-conditioning vent, and couldn�t find its way out.

Now if it came in through these pipes, it means there�s a big hole somewhere... So either someone crawls into the dirty attic and fixes it, or the next electricity bill is gonna be a nice one. Dad is so looking forward to fixing this one.

More snow�this time they called it a snowicane.

We got well over a foot.

Gontran stayed home from work, but don�t worry, we kept him busy

While we played and built a snowman

Theo�s hideout

The Butler�s built a luge off their back deck, running from their deck, down to the end of their garden.

Really really fun! A huge round of applause to the chief engineer.

Even mom did it!

A pale impression of the emotions

when sliding down that luge

(sorry sound turned off).

Click on the picture or direct link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaqkSuYrmuw

And a few pictures from here and there:


and his grandmother, Judy Matey Goble.

And two more bath pictures

�Hey, all of you... I�m not falling for that damn boat again!�

Anyway, I challenge you to beat me at this game now!

Look what I can do!

A new variation on the theme �baby in a basket� (same kid, different basket)

Definitely a boy !

Click on the picture on the right for a video of his new passion.

Also available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bscIeL2kfZ8

Ready to go outside

Bad hair day

Nothing a headband can�t fix!

We all have so much love for that little boy - he is so welcome in our family.

The road continues... Have a great 2010, hopefully with a bit less snow now.