January 2010: No resolutions required

And so we started a new year... Happy 2010 to you all!

Good-bye Christmas.

See you next year!

Ambroise loves to play in the laundry basket. Mommy sings �I�m a baby in a basket yeah-yeah� to the tune of Christina Aguilera�s �Genie in a Bottle.� Call the psychiatrist.

We had to learn that trick ten years ago...

While at the Stypa�s party we gave them a present - a photo album full of the photos of what we did to their car on mischief night.

They had no idea it was us and the Butlers!

Thank goodness they are good sports and let us stay. We love you Stypas!!!

Transporting Ambroise back home after the party

Bath time is getting messier, the bigger and stronger Ambroise gets

Ambroise�s first time sitting in the shopping cart!

He LOVES it.

Madeline has started ice skating lessons!

Theo finally finished his masterpiece, and it is hung proudly on the wall

In his room, the Eiffel Tower theme continues with some new wall art

Fancy restaurants are beginning to become possible again.

Say it fast, though. Feeding, helping, controlling, and changing a baby isn�t improving the food�s taste.

A show like this would really be appreciated in a trendy restaurant!

�Thanks mom. THAT was a great dinner!

And stay-at-home meals are much healthier anyway.�

Look how much baby Robert has grown!

You�re doing a great job Nancy!

During a hike, everybody gets a turn.

Even our camera-shy Madeline.

Dinner at the Schweitzers � Gontran made the traditional Gallette de Roi � from scratch! Robert will be King and Mits is his Queen.

It was no surprise to anybody - Brits make great queens.

Teething makes me drool.

Hug me mommy!

Ambroise, you have just won the award. How do you feel?

(Click on the picture below for his interview by Madeline)

Talking about medals... Theo won the silver medal at his Chess Tournament

A few random shots

A few videos

(click on pictures)

Dinner and a show

Ambroise waking up

A few comparisons-- can you guess who is Madeline? Theo? Ambroise?

With the young man�s best wishes!