November 2009: 6 months!

S�verine has arrived! She is spending 6 months circling the globe and stopped here for a 2 week visit.

Elizabeth immersed her into her life, including working out at stroller class and doing pilates at home (even Madeline and Ambroise got in on the action)

She has had a busy schedule during her stay.

Girlie time, doing each other�s hair:

Playground fun

Family movie night

The first chimney fire of the season.

Ambroise is fascinated by the fire, and enjoys the pleasure of roasting his little toes.

Ambroise discovers where water comes from.

It�s hard to catch!

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Theo and the swan

Theo took a cake decorating class.

The result? His �I like tennis� cake

A few Ambroise videos

(click on the pictures to be redirected to Youtube, or type the link in your browser)

What is my Dad talking about?

My opinion about Healthcare in the US

I love the ceiling fan

How do you turn that stupid boat off?

(Warning - explicit nudity - PG 6M)

We�ll publish more videos when we have figured out the way to rotate movies 90 degrees...

Mom�s awesome bookclub, reading Shadow of the Wind.

Ambroise had been preparing avidly with his sister.

Unfortunately, an important event that evening prevented him from joining as planned - bedtime.

The twins also had their book clubs- Tuck Everlasting. What a great bunch of kids, they always have such interesting comments and insights.

Solid foods are to start soon, and Auntie B has sent a few spoons.

We are not exactly sure what Ambroise was trying to do with them. Either he is practicing how to use them, or he�s trying to figure out which one tasted the best.

The first solids eventually turned into a big event.

We recorded his first impressions - he was very surprised initially, but eventually liked it a lot.

Apparently, babies are supposed to be given only a spoonful a day during the first week... And the little pots we gave him were far too much. He got first class constipation... We are so sorry, bout-bout!

Tiphaine arrived with her friend Laure-Anne.

Just in time for the Halloween parade!

Theo is a mummy, Madeline is a Hershey�s kiss.

Mom is Angelina Jolie (pregnant with twins again!) with all of her adopted children.

Dad is a dork.

Ambroise, our gnome, won first place!

PS: How do you ask a 4 month-old-baby to keep an itchy beard on his face for an hour?

You tape the beard to his pacifier...

For trick-or-Treating, Theo changed into a French chef and Madeline had the swine flu. Friends Eva and Charlie were a country singer and an FBI agent.

The chaperones discovered one of the nicest treats in the American folklore.

�What�s in those coffee cups, BTW?�

The three girls helped with the twins� French homework (such a relief for Dad) and also took care of the younger one.

Come back soon!

You are all welcome again!

Mischief Night came a little early and totally caught us off-guard.

The Butler�s are officially our enemies.

The Indian-givers even brought back the treadmill, complete with a Guy Faulkes.

Revenge will be mine!

Is Ambroise a traitor?

The French, being much more creative and artistic, chose beauty in their revenge�.

Mr. Butler�s car was innocently parked at the train station.

But when he came home from work, things had changed considerably.

We know who did it.

The white papers are French poems.

Please note the little holes for the eyes - safety first!

The British and French have entered into an entente cordialle, especially when we invite them to dinner, and most especially when we decide to join forces.

Our first target was the Schweitzers, but they hate artists and throw eggs at them.

The Stypas, on the other hand, are much more sympathetic to Modern Art.

We had well started doing their first car, when they came back home and parked right next to us! Needless to say, it was hard not to burst in laughs, hidden in the bushes. But they didn�t see or hear us!

So they got two papier-mach�s for the price of one!!!

We are left wondering if the first car wasn�t that of the baby-sitter...

Talking about cars.

Ambroise absolutely loves to sit on the front step with Mom and watch the cars go by.

But it�s getting cold, so he can just hang out by the window.

Soccer season 2009 is almost at its end.

Daddy came to �mommy�s stroller� class! What a good sport.

[G: it�s not for sissies!]

Ambroise has managed to rub a bald spot into the back of his head.

He also rubbed a knot into his hair.

He�s working on dreadlocks now.

Grandpa came to visit!

The kids took him on a bike ride.

He introduced us to his favorite game, Mexican Train, and we taught him Settlers of Catan.

Hike in the woods

It�s about that time Ambroise went in a swing for the first time. He loves it now.

Congratulations to the Walsh family!
Welcome baby Robert.

The orthodontist decided it was time to put both the kids back in braces. That would be three years ahead of schedule.

We are all so delighted; the kids because of the pain and because they can�t eat most candies now; Mom, because she needs to chase after the kids for their 8 daily brushing up and the endless dentist appointments; and daddy, because he foots the bills - it�s not covered.

At least the dentist gave the twins a reprieve - a week to finish their Halloween stash of candies.

Before and after:

Family cooking a big French dinner out of Tiphaine�s present to the twins - a cook book of regional recipes.

Tapennade, gougeres, tartiflette.

A Great book!

Unfortunately, Ambroise cannot eat the delicious French food-- just petit pois...

We had also done colored pancakes a few days earlier. Easy and fun!

Ambroise is not quite ready for a high chair, but a bouncy seat is way too, well, um, �bouncy��.

So mom had improvised with a bath seat, a cool chair tie contraption and finally the classic bumbo.


about that raise you requested,

we need to have a chat.

Come to my office, please.

Mom�s book club Half of a Yellow Sun

[D�j�-vu?] that lady reads a lot.

Peyton came over for some dual bouncing.

Ambroise got so excited, he got jumping blisters

Better jumping blisters than carpet burns...

Ambroise is still debating which one of the two new door jumpers is his favorite.

He loves them both.

Madeline�s Peace sign / tree of life painting.

And the biggest news: AMBROISE IS SIX MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!!

These really have been the best six months of his life!

And you surely did bring us joy, Ambroise! Thank you.

A few good pictures, taken here and there

kiss me

good morning mom!

He�s going blond!

Thanks for the sheep, Auntie B!

Thank you Auntie B for my cuddly sheep!

The little who�s who:

Joyeuses f�tes de fin d�ann�e � tous,

et nos meilleurs voeux pour une excellente ann�e 2010!