Hair today,

Gone tomorrow

Yep. Do enjoy Ambroise�s pictures with hair while they last, �cause the story doesn�t end well.

Yes, he�s �innocent� and �it�s not his fault�. We even believe there are benefits to Ambroise loosing his hair - no more lice and huge savings on dog shampoo. But we can�t help it. We love him less, because he is less cute.

Well, enough said.

You�ll see for yourself:

Wednesday, September 9th

Daddy is off work for a week!

Since Madeline chose to have her school lunch with her friends at the restaurant (and at her own expense), before spending the afternoon at her friend Emily, while Theo stayed at Cal�s, we had time for ourselves.

So we drove 30 miles to go to our favorite Californian Trader Joe�s store. Wouhouh. Party on! Non-Californians will believe we are crazy. True Californians know they all are. The store is the House of Bargains (but we still managed to spend $800-- damn wine!)

And we had plenty of time together. Mom cooked pacifiers for everybody. Daddy printed passport pictures, according to the Homeland security�s crazily demanding formats. Jeez, I used Photoshop so much, that the original pictures could have been the neighbor�s kids.

Meanwhile, Ambroise was his little self again. Playing with his toes in the bath, for instance.

Thursday, September 10th

Ambroise keeps on progressing. He takes his pacifier from his mouth, looks at it, turns it, turns it again, and puts it back in his mouth... almost the right way.

Daddy enjoys giving his bath when he comes back from work. Even better, he looks at Ambrose fall asleep in the evening... His hands and feet are so soft, like new!

Friday, September 11th

It is birthday party time! Friday night is Madeline�s bash.

We went old school with a slumber party that included an awesome neighborhood scavenger hunt, pizza, root beer floats, movie and popcorn, truth or dare, flashlight tag�.. and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Weirdest thing. Ambroise loves to be scared. The biggest surprises make him laugh! That�s an easy way to please.

He can also fall asleep while his brother and sister vacuum next to him... Good kids, all of them.

You can at the same time appreciate the beginning of the hair�s end.

Unless he has priesthood in the back of his mind?

Saturday, September 12th

It is birthday party time! Saturday night is Theo�s bash.

Starting with a pillow fight, and then pizza, scavenger hunt, rootbeer floats, movie and popcorn�. And chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (sound familiar?)

The boys worked on their canvases

Theo�s drawings are really taking colors and shape!

Ambroise laughs when he sees himself in the mirror, turns his face away, then back, laughs again...

Sunday, September 13th

Ambroise is foaming at the mouth, has white spots on his gums, catches and bites on your fingers...

Either he�s got rabies or he�s teething. Not sure which one is best. If at least he could do his nights first!

Ambroise usually wins against Theo in the game �rock, paper scissors� even if, as Theo says, �Ambroise always plays rock�.

Ambroise�s SONG by Madeline and Mom

(basically everything that rhymes with rose) :

Ambroise has a little button nose,

Ambroise has cheeks like a rose,

Ambroise has legs like marshmallows,

Ambroise has feet that goes and goes,

Ambroise, our love for you grows,

Ambroise has friends and no foes,

Ambroise is adorable he knows,

Madeline has a new signature:

Ambroise�s hair looks cute in bows,

Ambroise has kisses that he blows,

Ambroise has lots of new clothes...

Monday, September 14th

Mommy keeps telling Ambroise how fat he is, so he decided to become bulemic-binging and purging.

Ambroise loves to watch cars pass by.

He can spend endless time on the front lawn with his mom, looking at them.

But they are sometimes so fast that he can�t keep up with them!

He has been very worried with the neighbor�s car, parked (aka not moving), across the street. Is it broken, Mom?

While daddy prepares the bath:

- Ambroise, why is the radio wet?

- It�s not me, I swear!

At the dinner table:

- (Madeline) Can I still have a signet-ring

if I change of family name?

- (Mom and Dad) No, not really.

- (Madeline) Then I�ll keep the �Quillacq� name

when I marry.

Why is September 14th so important on the calendar?

Any birthday worth mentioning?

Yep. There�s (only) one. Tomorrow is the twins� birthday. Some people are looking to the morning with impatience...

So much so, that they had to open at least one present! Thank you Theresa for the clothes and the frisbee.

Tuesday, September 15th

Happy 10th birthday, Madeline and Theo!

It was a big change - their age has two digits now.

Whatever the age, the birthday presents have been stacking up, and that�s always a good thing!

Theo got a remote control car.

There�s even one from Bon-papa.

Who has written the birthday card alone this year.

Merci �pa.

And Madeline got a HUGE handmade 8x4 cork board, and fancy push-pins hand made by mom!

She spends her days rearranging her favorite �life souvenirs� again and again.

Wednesday, September 16th

Jennifer Muscarello let Ambroise try on Peyton�s hairband.

And many thanks for the cashmere sweater too!

Mom, Madeline and Ambroise played �Fun things to do with a wash cloth� during the bath.

You surely have recognized this one-- lady liberty.

But which one is which?

- George Washington

- Blind folded taste test

- Waz�up, homeboy?

- Hostage

Friday, September 18th

Daddy had been working late at work recently. He was missing his bout-bout a lot... Two whole day without seeing him!

It�s OK. He hasn�t changed too much during that time.

Mommy goes to �stroller class�, aka sport class form moms with strollers, and the kids have their own playgroup.

The young man�s nights are BAD.

Don�t Move.

Rodolphe et Julie Saussier, our friends from London, are expecting!

He/she will be arriving on March 10th (at 9:53 AM, set your clocks, go!). Congratulations!

They might even buy an apartment in expensive London to celebrate it.

Don�t touch. It�s MY girafe.

September 19-20th

Theo likes his remote control car. Ambroise is very interested by that car, which can drive around him!

On the development side, Ambroise still plays with his pacifier (in, out, in, out...) He might not always be able to put it back in, but he has full control of his hand and arms.

He now knows that his feet are his, and can catch them at will (you try it!). He is very interested in windows and what lays on the other side, still has a passion for lines and is now veryintrigued by Daddy�s wedding ring. He catches the side bars of his bed during the night.

Ambroise looks at his Mom, smiles, turns his face away, looks at his Mom, smiles, turn his face away. He does the same to himself in the mirror!

The Tour de France eventually arrived in the US, and was renamed the Tour de Fair Haven. Ambroise enjoys looking at the bicycles almost as much as he liked passing cars.

Thank you to Jenn Muscarello for the cashmere sweater. Ambroise has more cashmere than his mother!

September 21-22nd

You missed a spot Mom!

Ambroise was sleepy and crying. When, his mom came to him quietly, singing �Sleepy time�, he started to laugh so hard!

Mom was tired, dad sang the same song to her... She laughed also!

I tell you, this tricks works all the time.

Wednesday September 23rd

We had received an invitation to the French Embassy for a cocktail organized by Mr. President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, as he wanted to meet the French community on the side of the UN General Assembly.

We were delighted and honored to have receive such an invitation, and naturally went through all the screening and security to process. Mom even started to freeze breast milk three days in advance, as minors of any age were NOT welcome!

It wasn�t such a �select� party after all, since 4,000 other people joined us. And yes we did see the, from far, and did have a glass of champagne.

We didn�t get the President to autograph Elizabeth�s nursing pads either!

Ambroise didn�t like at all this going out thing, or may be it was the baby-sitter, or the absence of his Mom. Whatever it was, we learnt he had spent the evening crying hysterically - M&T had never seen such cries in him.

Picture from the 4th balcony!

September 25-29th

Childhood friends from California Trae and Jenn come for a visit.

Guess what... The girls had lots of girly time together!

They helped us getting Ambroise�s hand and foot prints - a really messy business.

Madeline cooked a dinner for the guests - her special tomato soup and a cake!

Her soccer team beat the next town 7-0. The referee even asked them to play defense only at the end to preserve the other team�s morale...

M&T have started their first CNED lesson - French home schooling. They are starting CM1 now, and the grammar gets even harder!

We decided to push Ambroise to go longer stretches at night between feedings. The plan was to put in the pacifier when he woke and try to get him to sleep a little more each night. At 1:30 AM we decided to keep plugging him until 2 AM. He wimpered and slept, wimpered and slept. A pillow was blocking the clock so we could only see the 1 and waited for what seemed like hours for that 2 to appear so E could feed him. Well, it was hours because the damn clock was broken and by the time we realized it, it was almost 7 AM! Poor Ambroise!

Dad enjoyed the presence of a few friends at home while the girls were out. Our favorite Brit, an expert in bottle openers, even managed to push the cork into the wine bottle and redecorate the kitchen�s walls.

From now on, only cardboard wine for him.

And the best for the end. Dad has been taking so much care of his son while Mom�s friend were there, that now he looks and smiles only at his Dad and not at his Mom anymore!

When Dad was about to leave for work, he heard Ambroise starting to cry in his bed, so he quickly went back into the room, to put back the pacifier and let him and his mother fall asleep.

When Ambroise saw his dad, he opened up his arms so wide and gave him the biggest smile he had ever done. There was so much love and tenderness in this young baby, that daddy had to stay and enjoy the moment.

BTW, this young man yoodles and talks to himself now. He has longer cycles, does only two feedings at night, and is definitely teething.

September 30 - October 4th

Baby doctor�s appointment for the man.

- He is 14 lb 4 oz or 6.5 kg

- He measures 25 inches or 63.5 cm - he has grown 10 inches or 25 cm since birth.

The bad news now. He got four shots, which he really loved. And we were seriously advised not to let him sleep in our room any more. :-(((

Still loosing his hair

Wierdest thing ever. He LOVES to be scared. Come out of nowhere with a big noise, and he will laugh at you!

I�m ready for the winter! (courtesy of Jerome & Catherine)

The soccer (football) season is in full swing.

Mom loves her stroller workouts, timed so that Ambroise usually takes his nap.

Dinner at the Schweitzer�s, but we are just exhausted and have to go early.

October 5-11th

The boys monthly book club during school lunch�The Lightening Thief

The next day�s lunch sees the girls discussing Sammy Keyes. Pizza and cupcakes from mom!

Theo hucking corn to make his famous corn soup.

No picture for that, but Ambroise is almost capable of rolling from his belly on to his back. To his own surprise.

Yann�s present for his godson Theo has arrived - a tiny wireless camera, that we will install on his remote control car. That way, Theo will be able to drive his car from behind a PC - the true feeling of driving!

On the day of its arrival, a tiny camera that wirelessly connects to a TV is a cool toy!

Elizabeth diPaolo made Ambroise some cool shirts!

Demonstrating the second point on the list.

Theo woke-up very lovey one morning, asking hugs from his mom. �I feel like I haven�t seen you in such a long time�, adding, �you don�t know what you�ve got �till it�s gone!�

Thank you to the Dey family for the Peter Rabbit Musical toy, and to the Wiggington�s for the wooden blocks & whoozit!

Madeline is taking sewing lessons from Aimee, the seamstress across the street. They are working on a skirt.

Her mamie would be very proud.

Ambroise enjoys his baths a lot. He loves to splash water around with his feet, or to catch running water.

If you haven�t seen this little movie already, you need to.

Weeks later, he still laughs when he sees the duck!

He had a similar laughing spell when we turned on the mobile above his bed a week later!

Ambroise looking outside the window, at 6:30 AM

He still loves looking at cars pass by. We sometimes put him in the porch, in his chair looking outside. That soothes any crying spell he may have.

More medical bad news. M&T�s teeth are moving again, much more and much faster than anticipated. The braces they were supposed to need in 2-4 years, are needed now.

A second opinion confirmed the diagnostic.

And the price.

That will mean brushing almost 7 times a day, special brushes and parental inspections, no more chewy sweets, orthodontist appointments every couple of weeks... And probably re-mortgaging the house to pay for it!

They will be installed after Halloween.

Last candies for quite some time, kids!

Climbing in the tree to pick beans

Dad has installed the wireless camera on the remote car, but we still haven�t received the special video cable to plug the receiver to the laptop!

See all the places where Ambroise was today:

A crib,

a Moses basket

and a craddle

Two changing tables

A car seat

and one of four strollers

Four bouncy seats

and a cradle swing

Two playmats, a play tunnel

and a tummy time mat

A jumperoo

and a door jumper

and two slings

A baby bjorn

Three boppys

And finally, his bath seat,

and the bath tub itself.

Well, actually, that�s the kitchen sink!

No surprise you need a bigger house when you have a new kid!

A few more look-alike photos. Feel free to guess who�s who. Prizes to be won!

Compare the amount of hair lost between the two pictures, only a month apart.

See? He is so much less cute and deserves so much less love!

Thank God, there�s a solution for hair loss.

Now we can love him again.

Going to the ball, young lady ?

We will have family and friends for the coming two months at home, and lots of stories to tell.

In the mean time, we wish you a great Halloween and all the best!