A shoulder to smile on

Monday, August 17th

Back to the routine, after the cousins� safe return to France.

To give an idea of the size of the zuchinis we�ve been growing for the last weeks.

Tuesday, August 18th

Day at the beach, thanks to the Russo�s invitation

Ambroise learns a new skill

- how to become a one-man-band.

Wednesday. August 19th

Theo starts his own drawings to decorate his room. First drawings in black & white.

He also invited Charlie for the afternoon.

Help! The pillow is crushing me!

Thank you to Barbara & Phil Cox in Australia for the baby blocks and toys!

The internet and emails are pretty cool inventions...

Thursday, August 20th

Friday, August 21st

Saturday, August 22nd

Ambroise still making progress. He puts his hands in his mouth all the time, catches toys, catches the laces on his shoes...

He also gave us his first laugh, which were such a delight to his parents.

Sunday, August 23rd

Ambroise tried a new haircut, and a few clothes. Enjoy it - last time you will see him wearing such attire.

Or so we hope.

Mom and Madeline couldn�t resist a bit of dressing up... Ambroise in drag!

We are so mean...

Thank God there�s always a good shoulder to find peace and serenity again...

When going to the French consulate to declare Ambroise, we realized that we couldn�t give �Bernard� as his third first name. Ambroise�s American birth certificate doesn�t mention it!!! And it�s not due to a lack of space or a habit... he really has no third first name!

So we called the Vital Statistics office of his birthtown for explanation: the hospital had sent forms, which didn�t bear all three first names. We weren�t informed of this - actually told the opposite - nor told that the City would only accepts two forms. So when we sent our form after returning home, with Bernard included, it arrived third and was ignored!!!!

So now we have to write a big letter to Trenton, the New Jersey state capital, and may be start legal proceedings if they refuse the amendment... Great.

Ambroise is probably sick, with flu-like symptoms, and needs lots of snuggles.

It might be why he did a long night for the second time (9 PM to 6 AM).

Ambroise watched TV with us for family night! He loved �The true story of Benjamin Button�... Even if it was PG-13.

Madeline and Dad eventually went crabing again, with only a little success, but lots of fun.

Bon papa had spent the week vacationing with his daughters, as well as seeing his niece Mireille in Normandy. Coming back to an empty house wasn�t easy.

Looking at pictures of Mamie is still difficult to him.

Monday, August 24th

Birthday party with the Di Paolo�s. Again???

Tuesday, August 25th

Elizabeth organized two other book clubs for M&T, based on The Giver by Lois Lowry. Madeline�s club went really well. Theo�s book club had to be postponed, as two kids couldn�t make it the first day.

Madeline had yet another slumber party. I have missed reporting a few - they are so frequent now.

Wednesday, August 26th

G�s sister Anne isn�t doing well today and Bon-papa has been taking care of her.

At least Bon-papa didn�t stay alone too long...

We naturally think of them a lot. Try to find some reason and hour to rest my dear sweet sister.

Ambroise can put almost his whole fist in his mouth. And since he now seems able to take the thumb out of the fist, the thumb sucking isn�t far away...

Probably when he will stop putting his index finger in his mouth and all the other fingers in the eyes and the nose at the same time...

Thursday, August 27th

Major excitement across Fair Haven today.

The students are receiving the letters indicating which teachers they will have for the year to come. So they call each other to figure out who they will be sharing their class with...

Ambroise has turned all topsy-turvy with the news also.

Probably because he didn�t get admitted to school. He is actually very disappointed with his rejection - he had worked so hard on his alphabet during the summer!

See how disappointed I am?

Someone has been eating healthily...

No Ambroise, stop growing! We want you to always stay cute and tiny, not turn chubby!

Friday, August 28th

Ambroise loves holding a little piece of soft fabric in his hands when falling asleep, like Jenn�s cashmere sleeping bag, or his burrito blanket (when he�s not swaddled into it)...

Peter�s Obama inauguration blanket is very soft too, but at 8x6 feet, it probably is still a little bit too big for Ambroise... Thanks though!

Meanwhile M&T were offered 3-D paint and have found a new artistic touch on the garden pavement!

It really is 3-D, and Daddy is still scratching is head...

Saturday, August 29th

The night was tough. With the wind, we had a partial loss of power at home, meaning half the appliances and plugs stopped working. So we had to run extension cables across the room for family movie night and sweat a bit, since the Air Conditioning is on the wrong plug...

Added to that, we had a grumpy Ambroise - waking up three times in 5 hours.

We also had the electricity coming back at 4 AM. Not cool. All the lights came back on!!!!

Please call Amnesty! I�m a prisoner of conscience.

Unsurprisingly, Ambroise had an upside down behavior today. Not hungry for food at all, but only for long naps, irregular schedule.

Madeline�s handmade birthday present is well underway. On a great idea of her mom, with realization from both parents. She will like it for sure.

Theo is sure asking questions when he sees Dad DIY-ing in the garage.

We were invited to the Butler�s for a Mexican dinner between friends. The biggest topics of the evening was Ambroise favorite joke, �zizi-poopoo-peepee-booby�, which literally cracks him up. SUCH a funny joke...

Huhhh, remind me. Who�s his father again? The guy who tries to impress a 7 year old with the first 100 digits of p ?

On our way back, we dropped M & T at the Fair Haven Fire Department fair with a few friends - we were just too tired to accompany them.

Don�t move honey! The flash is off!

(Longest drool on record)

Sunday, August 30th

The neighbors� lawn mowing service suggests to Elizabeth to try them. This is tempting - it would save time to her husband...

Unfortunately, since they don�t roll the grass first, they mow the moles tunnels away, and the result is a destroyed lawn...

That doesn�t prevent the kids from playing with their friends though.

Talking about garden, here are the vegetables. In middle part are the THREE zucchinis plants.

End of day at the pool;

the opportunity for Ambroise to try swimming.

Not a big success... It�s cold.

And he didn�t recognized his dad, because of his wet hair!

Thank God there�s always a good shoulder to find peace and serenity again...

Monday, August 31st

Thanks to the Braceland�s, Ambroise now has a book about his own first name!

Thanks for the visit, Margo.

Ambroise hasn�t pooped in 3 days. That�s good news - he digests his food better now.

Still, I�d rather be in the office when he blows up.

And our thanks to brother Mike & Amy�s for the QuickSilver clothes! Apparently he didn�t use the five finger discount. He doesn�t even get an employee reduced price!

What? He should talk to his HR department about that. At HSBC, we get a 20% discount on hundred dollar bills.

Tuesday, September 1st

Ambroise has now enough dexterity in his hands to catch small objects. Like his brother�s hair when he comes to give him a kiss!

Talking about hair, how do you think Ambroise�s favorite haircut will be when he gets older?






Or British, may be?

We are so mean...

Thank God there�s always a good shoulder to find peace and serenity again.. .

Soccer season started again. Both Madeline and Theo are playing. The good news is that their practice schedules match perfectly!

Wednesday, September 2nd

Madeline bought some Apple bottom jeans. We are only missing �some boots with the fur� now!

Check this link out if you don�t get it:

Thanks to the Levy�s for the British sports outfit, and to the Dalfonzo family for Ambroise�s new book.

Mom told Ambroise how fat he was, so he has been binging and purging. He is bulimic.

Thursday, September 3rd

Madeline has made a delicious mushroom soup and served dinner on a beautiful candle lit table.

Friday, September 4th

Throwing milk weed seeds into the wind...

It�s Friday before a the three day week-end, and Dad will actually stay at home for the whole week after. He looks forward to spending some time with his family.

Ambroise hasn�t pooped in 4 days.

Daddy wants to go back to work now.

Talk about Jack and the bean stalk. The beans from the veggie garden have grown into the tree!

Saturday, September 5th

Madeline and Dad went crabbing one last time.

It was an outstanding success. A whole shrimp!

We have an excuse. We only went quickly to try the new trap dad has made. Plus a very competitive and territorial team arrived soon after and didn�t make it fun, so we had to leave.

Ambroise hasn�t pooped in 5 days - toxic fumes only...

Meanwhile, he has been playing a lot with his favorite girafe.

After this whole excitement, Ambroise needed to relax. We went to the shore, thanks to the Butler�s (again!).

He tried the pool again...

Same temperature, same effect.

Thank God there�s always a good shoulder to find peace and serenity again.. .

Quick backgammon with Rob. Draw.

Two rematches. Draw.

Quick Settlers of Catan. 13-6 for France.

No rematch necessary.

Beautiful moon set on the Atlantic.

Comes out really great on a digital camera.

Saturday, September 5th

Ambroise has filled his diaper at last, like really filled it. Good boy.

Right before breakfast. Yum.

Afternoon barbecue at the Weitzner�s.

The twins enjoyed diving in the pool again,

Madeline is ready for her licence.

Ambroise enjoyed lot of cuddles.

Ambroise has been riding his scooter a lot.... It�s like he�s riding a bicycle, but with one leg only. Bizarre.

(Click the picture to reach a YouTube video)

It seems he does that when he is excited.

When daddy tried to make him laugh with a butterfly, he was not interested at all.

But he is getting a great laugh when he sees himself in a mirror.

Somehow Madeline is able to make Ambroise laugh like nobody else. She simply sings �you make me happy�.

Monday, September 7th

And if you have either good eyes or a good printer, you will see on his bed sheet the proof of the horrible news... Ambroise is loosing his hair!

This is so sad! His future hairstyle will be baldness!

The pool closed for the summer. We enjoyed every last minute of the last hours.

Notably thanks to a coin toss contest.

It doesn�t help the managers get rid of their loose coins, since they come right back when the kids buy their last ice-cream!

According to Theo, Ambroise is repeating his part in the Lord of the Rings.


Tuesday, September 8th

School starts - Fifth grade!

The parents� vacation starts also!

Completing Madeline�s birthday present...

Buying toys for the twins and for the young puppy...

Ambroise likes to to sit, so we got that seat that turns 360o and is held by rubber bands for jumping.

Too bad he can�t touch the floor yet.

For some reason, Theo doesn�t want to be on the pictures on his way back from school.

Our social butterfly Madeline goes to the deli with her friends.

And Ambroise keeps on exercizing on his mat.

To finish, the kids new passport pictures:

Big Brother wants a picture of me?

A friendly reminder that if you want your gift to Ambroise mentioned on this website, you need to send it first...

And our game of the month, guess who�s who:

Peace out, dude!