June 20th to June 28th: Summer days

Saturday, June 20th

We can�t keep on blogging all the details anymore. It�s boring for the reader, and doesn�t add much value to the content - Boob, burp, bath, burrito, bed... even Ambroise will be bored of his youth. So there will be more picture and only the essentials.

Bob will surely be grateful - his time is now rare and precious.

Elizabeth has taken down the balloons,

although they were sagging only slightly.

That�s it, people, fun�s over.

Move on. Get back to work. :-(((

Blandine has won all the local and regional bridge championships, and she is now competing at the national level. Go girl!

Somehow , the one-day-peel desk calendar has stopped on a certain date in May.

We know exactly when the crime took place.

Ambroise�s academic progress is furious.

He�s at X, Y and Z now!

But we suspect he must have skipped a few chapters, because he refuses to take the exam.

Graduation party for Mariah Carroll. Congratulations! College now - you will like it, c�mon, you know it.

E&G exchanged the relay between themselves to keep an eye on the baby at home and the BBQ at the Butler�s. Thanks for the invite!

It seems the Butler�s have an incredible public life these times. They organize one party after the other. They are cool friends, after all.

Sunday, June 21st

After Theo went to his chess club, we finished the last report for the French home-schooling. A few more lessons that we skipped to complete, and French is done for the year!

The vegetable garden has produced an incredible harvest - two radishes, which Madeline & Theo didn�t even like.

A walk in one of Fair Haven�s parks shows interesting potential for the jogging routine...

First movie night in the new basement!

Ambroise is not impressed - the sound on his new TV is really bad. To be returned. Damned.

Monday, June 22nd

When waking-up early this morning Madeline - all by herself - picked up the griddle in the top closet, prepared and cooked pancakes and bacon for everybody! How nice is that?

Theo keeps on waking up Ambroise with kisses!

Far too much joy in this land.

Ambroise is always so parent-friendly. He opens huge eyes now, is still very quiet, even when one changes him. He won�t fall asleep in the swing seat - he wants cuddles!

Madeline was away at a slumber party, and Theo played all afternoon at the Wigington�s (waterfight by the pool!!), before playing for hours on the computer. Summer is so difficult for them!

This evening, Theo was riding his bicycle while coaching his jogging father. Last time they were riding/running on these same back roads, Theo was learning to ride his bicycle... Things do change quickly.

Dinner was brought by the Di Paolo�s. Thank you so much!

Tomorrow, Peyton Mascarello will be coming for a playdate, and Lisa�s twin girls might join as well.

Ambroise is rehearsing his exercises at the olympic rings. He will impress the ladies tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 23rd

The Muscarello�s came over, and Ambroise had a much better time with Peyton than he had with Chloe DiPaolo.

Betsie, we need to reconsider the wedding - after all, don�t we have our children�s happiness at heart?

E answered Theo�s request for some tennis, and Madeline went to Sarah Safarian�s house for a slumber party. Mom then answered everybody�s request for some cooling time at the pool.

Ambroise wasn�t that happy with this last activity - may be he was jealous of her book?

In any case, Mom surely is putting a lot of pressure on herself at always trying to give her children the best youth ever.

The homeschooling books for the summer arrived. M&T are SO happy. They say they will do the math ones that came free of charge, but the French...

Ambroise managed to dirty 4 diapers in a row, right after his bath. Get back in that sink, young man!

Wednesday, June 24th

M&T spent 6 hours at the pool. During that time, Madeline played with Grace Wigington. Her mom is now thinking of hiring Madeline as a mother�s helper - Grace had always refused to come any close to the water, and now she is swimming!

After nursing, Ambroise loves his milk bed - same as a water bed, but filled with milk. No picture, boys!

Auntie B arrived late at night. We were so looking forward to her arrival. Ambroise will have the same luck as M&T 9 years ago, when she stayed for a whole month helping us take care of them. Right, B?

Thursday, June 25th

Theo also prepared breakfast for his mom on her birthday. Donuts from Dunkin. Thanks Theo - it�s a nice thought.

Thanks to me too for picking them up...

Ambroise had been perfectly quiet, until the TV broke the news of the death of Michael Jackson. He cried instantly.

Someone broke the penny jar... But is all forgiven.

- She cut her finger picking the pieces up on her own.

Swimming playgroup at the Wigington�s

Auntie B prepared dinner, played with the twins, helped with Ambroise...

We told her she�s gonna need 12 hour - nights to catch up on her return to California!

But that was probably a white lie - she won�t be allowed to go back.

Daddy committed a heinous crime - he took a shower before his wife - and was severely reprimanded. He swears he will never ever ever do it again.

The innocent angel below managed to cover his dad in poop during changing. Nice.

Congratulations to Carole and Guillaume Manificat for the birth of Roxane, their second daughter. Cool announcement card too...

Friday, June 26th

Beautiful day in New Jersey, after some of the worst weather seen in summer. Fallen trees everywhere. Boston has its second highest June since records began - we are talking of lack of sun here.

the same picture, printed on black and white film

And full sun on the Ambroise-Quietness-Ometer. How do we enjoy a quiet kid after a pair of noisy twins! Such a pleasure, such a piece of cake.

Barb has been beaten by Theo at chess. Hey Theo, let her win. We need her to stay!

Brother Mike, who has been teasing everybody about cruises as family reunions, has taken one. He swears by it now. Thanks!

Madeline would like to thank Auntie B for her new necklace, and Theo do as much for his new book, which he was so excited to show to his dad.

Ambroise would love to thank Renaud Delloye (G�s boss) for the super cute suspenders. No picture possible - Renaud is on his way to Hong-Kong.

Many thanks also to Josee Deroy for the outfits. That was very appreciated.

Pictures ASAP, I swear.

Bon-papa sent a package with books (the last �Petit Nicolas� !!!!), a list of magazines for the renewal of the kids�s subscriptions and French summer homework.

We also received a copy of G�s high school magazine. Bon-papa is in it! He is an active member of the alumni association.

Bon-papa manages to keep his spirit so up and to spoil his grandchildren, although life at home is very hard with Mamie�s sickness.

We are SO grateful to both of them for their endless tender loving care. There are no words to express how much we want to thank them.

Look at my hair, says Ambroise.

You see how curly it is?

Well here is the real me!

I am a true punk, and don�t you forget it!

Even in pink !

And don�t you think I can�t hear what you say...

Mom! Why are they are laughing at me and my hair ?

Is this what they think of me?

Oh thank you, Madeline for your understanding.

You are a true sister.

Auntie B says she saw Ambroise push on his feet, turn himself out of his seat and sideways, so that he could look at the TV.

The opinions expressed here are her own and do not necessarily reflect the policies and guidance of the Quillacq family.

Saturday, June 27th

Theo participated at his first tournament at the chess club.

and won the gold medal!

And whose son is that, remind me?

What do you mean �nobody knows for sure� ?

Enjoy the picture below while you can, because it�s gonna take many years before you see another picture of Ambroise naked.

Well, so we hope.

An if you look carefully, you will appreciate the various �poop dots� around him. He surely did win a few battles before loosing that war.

The picture below is that of our famous vegetable garden, the one which has produced two huge radishes so far.

Almost all the green is weed - they sure call New Jersey the �Garden State� for a reason.

Thank God Auntie B likes gardening!

Sunday, June 28th

Peter stopped for a visit - he lives in the Appalachians now, and rarely comes to NJ, so we surely appreciated his visit. But not enough to let him hold Ambroise - Peter has the flu.

And I swear Ambroise is now looking at me in the eyes! He recognizes my face!

And everybody else�s as well.

At his regular chess club meeting, Theo received chess books for his gold medal.

And then he played again.

Thanks to Rick and Maureen for the flowers, as well as the 3 cute outfits they sent. AmbroIse (French spelling please) will wear them in a few months and undoubtedly love them. Thank you very much.

And Elizabeth thanks also for her enclosed birthday present!

Thanks also to Sophie and Lo�c (G�s nephew and new parents of Axelle) for the two plushes.

The elephant with keystrokes on its trunk is a total success. Madeline has been practicing her best music parts, and has been giving us elephant concerts for the last few days.

The weather was hot and sunny, so we went to the beach to cool down.

The weather at the beach was fresh and windy, so we came back home. But we sure enjoyed the sand and the view.