June 15th to 19th: Last week of school

Monday, June 15th

Ambroise had his first playdate at the DiPaolo�s. According to the cry-o-meter, he didn�t like playing with Chloe, his elder by two months. That doesn�t change the plans - he will marry her in 20 years and 10 months.

On their walk back, Elizabeth stopped a the local hardware store. Ambroise showed not interest in the tools and equipments on display. He�s probably gay.

On the other hand he showed great interest in pooping today - 15 times at least.

Ambroise is 21 days, gains weight and starts to have pimples. He has reached puberty! Call ProActive!

Madeline had lunch at the local pizzeria with her friends from school. The pizzeria was almost empty!

Thank you to the Schweitzer�s for the chicken noodle soup. Such a relief not to have to cook!

An anonymous friend has told of the torture Theo had to go through while at his friend Toby Savage:

Tuesday, June 16th

It�s the last full day of school for Madeline and Theo. The next few days will be half days. Mom is so looking forward to that...

Elizabeth found a reclining switch on the swing seat, allowing Ambroise to lay down instead of sitting. Incredible sleeping performance improvement for all.

Last art pieces for 4th grade

We�ve been asked what were Ambroise�s initials in French.

Well, the question needs some serious thoughts. There are two issues to consider here:

1 Americans use their middle name(s), Europeans don�t. They are on the birth registry, but not even school, voting registrations or tax declarations mention them. For anybody asking, his name is Ambroise de Quillacq.

2 The little �de� in front of Quillacq has a little historical particularity. If a first name or a title (�Monsieur�) is placed before the name, the �de� is mentioned... otherwise it is not!

In this manner, you introduce the poet �la Fontaine� as �la Fontaine� (duhh) or �la Fontaine, Jean�, but his full name was �Jean de la Fontaine�. In the same way, �Montesquieu�, the writer, was also �Charles-Louis de Secondat de Montesquieu, Baron de la Br�de�. Thank God France is now a republic.

So Ambroise is �Ambroise de Quillacq� (AdQ) or �Quillacq, Ambroise� (QA)

Or �Mr. de Quillacq�, but somehow there�s something quite not right yet.

He did his first cooing noise. E repeated it. He was so surprised, and tried to coo again... Without success. Frustration.

He smiled and laughed (!) after a bottle. Not kidding!

Ambroise has learnt not to pull on his pacifier. He actually protects it from his mean mom.

Thanks to the Butlers for the dinner/meat. But what�s the point of thanking them, if Robert hasn�t yet found the time to read any part of this site?

BTW, Bob, why do you read this if you say there are too many details?

Suggested answer: because the blog is also for Ambroise and his family - we didn�t have any recollection of the twins� first year! M&T were eventually so happy to discover they had played with a caterpillar... until it turned into two smaller caterpillars and stopped moving...

Wednesday, June 17th

Your reporter / papa-razzi had a late business dinner that evening, and couldn�t interview his family upon his return.

T-t-t, deplorable work ethics.

Theo had a great time canoeing with his (ex) Boy-scout team. Thanks for the invite!

Tough night, followed by a tough day. But Daddy found Ambroise so quiet when he came back. Daddy�s boy?

Thursday, June 18th

When the kids came back from school at 1 PM, they found their mother in her bed, with her untouched and cold morning coffee right besides her. She had been nursing & burping non-stop since 8:30 AM!

Elizabeth had a long 20 minute phone conversation with Aunt Chris, arranging all the flight details for Chris�s trip in a few weeks.

Elizabeth then asked: �So you are flying from Philly?� - �No we are flying from Phoenix. You don�t remember already?� Awwwkwwward.

When M&T were born, it had taken us severeal months to figure out why their faces were covered with tiny little cuts. We won�t make the mistake again - Ambroise had his second nail clipping session.

Last day of school tomorrow. The kids will be going to The water park in Keansburg, booked in whole by the school of Fair Haven.

Friday, June 19th

Guess what? Last day of school! The kids went to Run Away Rapids in Keansburg, rented in whole by the school of Fair Haven.

The reportcard came out also - almost straight 3�s (the equivalent of A)

Breakfast with Lisa Keller, who gave presents of shoes and outfits (Thx!)

A was very nice and calm - except for the poop explosion: 3 feet away, on the couch. Solid stain.

No TV for for a month.

Lots of eye-to-eye contact between A&E. She repeats his sounds, he tries to do it again...

A has been able to put his pacifier back into his mouth. Pure luck?

Dad�s expiry went well. His hair is turning curly up with the humidity in the air.

Weirdly, Ambroise�s hair also!

Thanks to Peter for the two printed blankets in Ambroise�s name. Knowing that his blanket printing company has gone out of business a month ago, :-( , it�s a very nice gift !

Thanks to Theresa Krause for paying a visit after the water park!

Mary Hershberger (aka Santa Clause) passed by and brought CDs of lullabies, a huge bag of diapers and wipes and dinner for all ! Her daughter Jenna made the cake!

All so yummy !