June 14th: weekend rest

June 13th

It has been a busy Saturday.

We have registered to a private pool for the summer with a group of friends. Today was the opening day, and all members are allocated their location around the pool for the whole summer.

These spots are allocated by the very democratic �first in, first served� methodology. Needless to say, the queue to get in the pool that first day was long, very long, at least 2 hours. Thank you Andrea Wigington for queuing and picking a great spot for the group !!!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth went to the chiropractor, hoping to improve her leg pain (!)

She also purchased a few summer and winter outfit for Ambroise - our friends are so stingy and cheap.

Madeline and Theo helped Daddy install the second TV in the basement. These new specials plugs don�t require to open up the sheetrocking to pass cables up and down the wall !

At which time Sandy Russo took advantage of her weekend cycling to see the newborn.

She even brought cute peanut outfits for the young man, and invited M&T to come to their beach club.


It is at this time, according to the crime scene investigation report, that a young lady tried to strangle the baby.

Or may be she was holding him? Don�t know. I only found that picture on the camera.

Upon her return, Elizabeth worked on her pilates and abdominos, while dady kept on working on the TV install.

The mail brought Ambroise�s Social Security card!

So... he does exist. It�s not just a dream.

Ambroise listened to classical music for the first time. It was a Gregorian choir, and his eyes just bulged out. It�s a revelation!

Ambroise�s hair seems to be turning blond.

And he hasn�t lost it yet, like his brother did - Theo had turned completely bold on top but hairy on the sides, like a monk. Funny, but not that great on pictures.

Ambroise�s eyes are so much more open now, and he looks around a lot, almost as if he wanted to imprint his memory of the incredible youth he has had so far.

He also moves his arms a lot now, like a windmill. He has gained better control of them too. He can put his hands to his face and catch his pacifier. He can even pull it out of his mouth... There are some drawbacks to this sort of progress.

We setup another video link to the family in France. Mamie had great pleasure seeing Ambroise again.

There is great news at Virginie & Stephane�s! Yeabsera, the little girl they are adopting from Ethiopia will be arriving on July 4th!

The adoption has been a slow slow process. Between the endless forms and interviews, the conversations with associations, administrative authorities, orphanages, social workers and judges, they probably are 2 years into the waiting.

Yeabsera sure is very desired, and we are all so happy to welcome her in the family - she has already been Mamie and Bonpapa�s 19th grandchild for some time - which explains why Ambroise is #20!

The last frustration is that Virginie & Stephane will not be allowed to go to Ethiopia to pick Yeabsera up, as had been expected all along. They wanted so much to meet her remaining family (both her parents are dead, her aunt cannot take care of her), as well as see where she has grown up, bring pictures and contacts back for her future questions!

Instead, Yeabsera will arrive in a different country, in a family she will have never met, flying almost on her own and leaving behind all those she knows. She speaks a remote Ethipian dialect and will not understand a word of French. The adaptation will be tough.

June 14th

Madeline and Theo finished one more sequence of French, the 9th of the 10 for the CE2 year. One more to go, and they can have their surprise! We know for sure they will like it - they actually told us they were dreaming of one. If only they knew it is already purchased and hidden...

They are much further ahead in learning this language than any kid of their age. We were discussing during dinner (lamb chops in a cream sauce, cooked by the new mother!!! WTF?) if they should joined 7th or even 8th grade French next year, although they will only be in 5th grade.

We need to talk to the school director about this. We are not sure how he will take that suggestion. He might find it be a bit tough on the kids� morale - we mean, the other kids� morale...

They were very surprised to learned that French is considered very prestigious in the US and internationally.

They will surely have kids in high school hiring them as private tutors. $$$ could be read in their eyes, when me mentioned figures.

We also teased them about how great it will be for Theo to meet girls and for Madeline to meet boys, something they might appreciate when they are in high school...

Theo went to his chess club again. He loved it so much he kept on explaining moves to me.

The final solution to clusterfeeding and its short accelerating feeding cycles is to keep him awake after each feed. He is then much more tired when falling asleep, and sleeps longer.

He even managed a 3h and 45 minute cycle today (giving Elizabeth the chance for a 1:45 break).

He was so hungry on waking up, that he bulged down milk like never before.

The burp that ensued was that of a beer-loving man. Don�t work on your beer belly yet, Ambroise!

Time for the feeding, people!

We eventually went to the pool, although the weather was not optimal today.

The week-end is over, but we feel we had a lot done.

- TV and set-top box,

- French lesson + vocabulary + paper,

- Theo had chess, M played with a friend, E had walks, G had 2 joggings.

- We went to the pool,

- We had a great family dinner together,

- Lots of feeding, nursing, burping, changing (but is that really an accomplishment?),

- We published a website upate,

- We requested birth certificats, and replacement parts for the coffee-press,

Time to go to bed and rest.

Yeah, right.