June 12th: Rain!

June 8th

Ambroise has decided to take his studies very seriously and has already taken on the task of learning his ABC. He has now reached letter A, which he has been observing with attention for a whole hour today.

Experts among you will surely note that this is the French alphabet - A is for �ne (donkey)

We will keep you posted with his next academic achievements in due course.

Thanks to Babybjorn - and a very quiet child - Elizabeth walked to the post office and even walked into that germ-fest called �grocery store�.

Ambroise lost his umbilical cord (picture cut on the right, sorry girls)

Or what was left of the cord. In the heat of the moment, Daddy had cut it too short to start with, and the nurses� bue drying/disinfectant has turned the rest into a little piece of prune.

No decent souvenir to frame. What a pity.

In the evening, Daddy slept with Ambroise. They both slept very deeply and have thus overcome together the short evening clusterfeed cycle problem. Hard teamwork I think it�s called.

Ambroise also fell asleep on his mom�s tummy for 2 hours in the morning. He even took a (quick) nap with her again later on!

That kid needs close presence and loves to be loved!

Ambroise makes from time to times tiny little sounds by breathing with his nose. They are SO cute! We took some pictures, but they didn�t come out well.

Elizabeth is reading What to expect during the 1st year. Thank God women don�t read this book before becoming pregnant!

June 9th

Bath again (#5, right?) This time we covered him with a wet little towel to keep him warm. He loved it. Thanks for the trick, Betsie.

When Ambroise cryed with no obvious reason, Elizabeth took him next to her in bed. They woke up 2 hours later!

Theo, Ambroise and Elizabeth walked to the library. This is still an accomplishment in terms of organization, and for Elizabeth�s leg, which still hurts like hell.

Ambroise has passed a new milestone - 100 diapers in office. Betsie brought a whole bag of them, which is a pretty cool thought, a surely a vote of confidence.

Betsie�s parents, Ken & Kathy Burkhard, also sent us 5 beautiful onesies. We are spoiled. Thank you so much!

Bonpapa called to say that Mamie loved so much seeing her 20th grandchildren on the video link.

The set-top box for the new TV in the basement arrived. Daddy will have the pleasure to open up his wall himself. Great.

But at least, when he came home, a great French dinner cooked by his wife was waiting for him. But how in the world did she managed to do that?

French lesson with the twins came first, though

Ambroise is now drinking 3 oz of milk in the evening. How can he put 3 ounces of milk in a one ounce stomach? No surprise he is �drunk, passed out� after the bottle.

A great thank you to Ning Zhang and Vincent Guo, for the baby blanket embroided with Ambroise�s name and birthdate. That�s a very sweet present!

A huge Thank You also to the Savage for the gorgeous hand-embroided onesies and pair of baby shoes. Hey, you already thanked us so much by keeping Theo, you didn�t have to! :-)

June 10th

1st full grocery shopping! It was more like �Supermarket Sweep� - where the winning candidates have 3 minutes to fill up their cart. Normally Elizabeth is very careful with coupons, comparing prices. This time, she ran up and down the aisles, throwing things in because she had exactly 24 minutes until the next feed.

Hungry boy! Ambroise can cry in agony when he�s hungry.

But it�s hard to believe him when he has dried milk all around his mouth.

And a walk to the park!

M&T couldn�t help stopping at a friend on their way back:

Elizabeth had a long talk with Ambroise after a feeding, but he fell asleep in the middle of the conversation. How rude. He is forgiven though, as he slept peacefully for a whole hour in her arm.

Elizabeth is waiting for the first smile impatiently. Too bad that colic will come before that.

Many thanks to Maria Mitterando for the cute bathing suit outfit and to Susan Culbert for the rattle and the hand-embroidered romper! All very appreciated.

June 11th

Ambroise has been angry all day. Only a boob could calm him down, which is surely stressful for his mommy, especially on a yet another gloomy rainy day.

To help Elizabeth, Madeline has prepared the school lunch boxes for herself and Theo. She even left a message in Theo�s lunch box saying �Have a great day at computer today. Love, Mom�. Isn�t that sweet?

Elizabeth is organizing two book clubs for Madeline and Theo. Guess who will be reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain this summer?

Jacob Wiggington invited Theo after school. He sure did have fun.

Meanwhile, Madeline slept with Ambroise after his feed, so that Elizabeth could relax a bit and also catch a few Z�s.

Dinner was courtesy of the Stypa�s Thanks!!!

Theresa, our German friend in London, sent clothes on the theme of the London Underground, as well as handmade booties and toys. How cute are these? Thanks Theresa! ... but you know that Ambroise isn�t British like Madeline and Theo, right? Are you trying to develop in him a taste for British-ness? He will have to come and say hi to you at some point.

June 12th

Vera, who only saw him sleeping last time she came by, visited again. This time, Ambroise managed to empty a slot to meet with her. How nice of him. And they even took a picture to mark the event this time!

Vera, are you lobbying or something?

Vera also took the opportunity to give some valuable advice to Theo - she is a social worker and Theo had a question. We won�t say what, to keep you on your toes...

Claudia De Bonte passed by also. Her husband Neal and her will be moving to Florida soon. Sob. We�ll send you copies of Ambroise�s hand and foot made with your printing kit, ok?

And you�ll send us copies of yours, right?

Ambroise�s diaper rash is going much better, and our ears as well. Just kidding, that munch barely whispers his displeasure.

The end of school year is very near, and Theo organized an out-of-school-lunch for a few friends. That was a nice and neat idea of him.

When the five arrived at the local pizzeria, there were so many other kids having out-of-school-lunches that all the tables and seats were taken. What a downer.

When Daddy came back from work, Madeline was at a sleepover, Theo was busy having ice-cream and Mom left to run an errand. So Ambroise and Gontran had some one-on-one time.

Which started with a diaper change and was followed by a bath (checked, it�s #6), which he eventually took with his Mom. Sorry no picture, for some obvious reasons - Vera wouldn�t like the concept.