June 7th, 2009: Sunshine!

June 5th

Well, Elizabeth went to the cardiologist first thing in the morning. He says that �a one-inch hole in the heart, like Ambroise probably has, is absolutely nothing. Really, many babies have one. They disappear in a few months. If he had a 4 inch hole, then we would be talking. Come back in 6 weeks.�

The only thing daddy finds reassuring in this, is that Ambroise�s heart must be at least 4 inches big. We knew Ambroise was full of love, but 4 inches is indeed a pretty big heart for a 19 inch baby!

And we�ll need to find something else to keep the friends bringing gifts and food.

Some have been telling Elizabeth that she�s lucky to have nights from 6PM to 7AM. Yes, quite.

Unfortunately, your editor would like to apologize for the typo. One should have read that her nights run from 6AM to 7AM. Oups.

And Elizabeth has been telling me tonight that there are worms on the floor, that the computer screen must be broken because it keeps on moving when she looks at it, and she thinks that Ambroise took a break for an hour and left on his own before coming back. Hummm.

Ambroise has discovered the play mat. Many hours of fun ahead!

Remember the 500 stocks daddy bought? Well, the compliance officer and the business manager weren�t 100% happy about the whole thing. Daddy didn�t compare the stocks against the restricted list (that he is not allowed to trade). Oups again.

And that concludes daddy�s week back to work. Looks like someone else is a bit tired too - but surely not as much as his wife. She has no rest from her family responsibilities at all!

Anyhow, cousin Ben (in NY for a conference) found Daddy after work and came home for a visit.

Lots of 1st time for him: first time in New Jarzeeee and first time he holds a baby that small.

Can�t be the first time that Madeline an Theo see him, because theyr sure wanted to play with him!

He managed to escape a game of chess, but couldn�t avoid a game of Clue.

Ben has been offered a position as a financial analyst at his firm. But he has to complete an MBA at the same time. Someone is going to be busy in the months ahead...

Thanks to the Schweitzer again for dinner (how did you make food so tasty?), and to Margo for her chicken meal. So appreciated!

California Jen sent a cashmere sleeper to Ambroise. Man, is that kid spoiled or what? Says his Mom with a tiny tiny tiny bit of jealousy in the voice.

June 6th

Ambroise used the sunny Saturday morning to support Dad in his lawn mowing work.

Our friendly neighbor Polly was in her yard too, and had the joy of discovering Ambroise. Hopefully she will explain Ambroise how to grow vegetables - we definitely need her experience there!

The Cole family accross the street has been helping us as well, taking Theo to sport activities back and forth. Simon managed to see Ambroise at last, but couldn�t hold him in his hands. Come again!

Madeline contributed as well in the gardenning (and in taking care of Ambroise). Jokes aside, she has started changing Ambroise. Thanks Madeline.

Ambroise has a much stronger neck now, and can hold his head up far longer

He can also walk to his mom when the milk bar opens.

To thank his brother and sister for their warm welcome and love, Ambroise went online and ordered a new TV for the basement.

Daddy still has to figure out how to mount it on the wall.

Connecting the TV set-top box with the one upstairs will be interesting. The new wall in the basement will have to be opened up... great.

And Dad discovered with his own little hands that our favorite contractor didn�t insulate the electric cables! Well that�s a shocker and not a shocker.

We are still hoping that Mamie and Bon-papa will soon be able to install Skype on their laptop, so that they can at last see their 20th grandchildren!!!! Mamie has heard him (on THE day where he was not quiet), but she is impatient to see him at last.

Ambroise hears and is attracted to noises of kisses. He needs love!

Weirdest thing ever. He poops foam. No picture for this one, sorry.

After the previous comment, one can only mention that Ambroise has taken his fourth bath. Therefore he is either greater than the greatest King, or not French.

The truth is - we haven�t filled the paperwork with the French consulate. But he still is so great !!!

He actually loved this fourth bath - we were pouring warm water over him all the time.

His hair turns curly after the bath! And he smells SO good!

We tried to make a plaster molding of his feet. To do this, we have to keep them in a gelatinous liquid that turns almost solid in 3 minutes. Unfortunately, we had to use cold water (or the gelatin would turn solid instantly) and Ambroise surely didn�t like having his feet in cold �water�. We are not very optimistic about the results

Elizabeth managed to walk to the Rowland and to the Savage, just to thank them again for their help during the birth process.

That picture of Theo was just too good not to be posted in large.

June 7th

Regular Sunday morning at the Quillacq�s house: diaper, feeding, little sleep, French homeschooling....

Madeline had left a note to her parents, saying she loved her little brother and was very happy. She was also thanking her Dad for French. �I don�t like it, but I know it�s a gift in disguise�

So Dad and Madeline had a chat. He thanked her for her note first of all, and told her how much Ambroise loves her. She loves him too!

Dad recognized that these French courses were hard, but they are SO good for them (it�s actually Ben who said that).

French is more than their second language and culture; it is a tool to live, study and work in a great country, their country. It also exposes them to culture difference - the fact that people with very different opinions are not that different in person and can live together in harmony if they respect each other.

We also talked about the purpose of this website - at the same time a way to keep families and friends far away posted and a photo album of their childhood.

She even had her first explanations on the html language!

Meanwhile, cousin Loic installed Skype on Mamie and Bon-papa�s laptop. For some reason, the sound didn�t work between us, so we used the phone at the same time. Thanks to him, we had our first video connection at last. Mamie was so happy to see her new grandchildren. We were so happy to present Ambroise to her.

We think so much of you Mamie. Soigne-toi bien, ma petite maman que j�aime.

Theo enjoys chess at school very much, so he joined the local chess club. He will be able to take weekly lessons in strategy, while also playing for fun with kids of his age and level (and of higher level too. It�s needed to progress).

He did his first game with a clock !

Dr. Giovine had attached an electric sensor to Ambroise�s head to measure his heartbeat during the birth process.

The only way to remove it was through tearing it off, which had caused a HUGE wound on this little defenseless creature!!!!

Ambroise has now lost the scab in his hair.

On the development side, Ambroise is moving his hands around his mouth now, trying to catch his thumbs. He hasn�t quite figured out how to keep his thumbs outside of his other fingers yet though...

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, and we decided to cool off by going to the beach.

And we sure did cool off. It was dead cold over there!

We saw Ambroise�s hand shaking! At least Theo managed to play his best beach game, to dig holes!

Thanks to the Humphries family fo rtheir Baby blanket - Ambroise seems so cosy in it.