June 1st - 4th: Friends or Foes?

June 1st

Theo is Student of the month! He is rewarded for his math skills, his passion for reading he can really understand the characters) and his amazing French curriculum at home!

The speech read by the school director to the whole class of 2009 can be found here. Nice job T !

And indeed the corrected French exams of Theo and Madeline came back, and their grades are excellent! Congratulations to both of them for this hard work, which will be SO valuable in the long haul!

Madeline and Theo have also been exemplary in the family. Elizabeth has been able to take a whole hour - nap, because they came back from school and did their homework in silence. So Mommy made them some well-deserved cookies.

Elizabeth also managed to take an hour walk in the morning, although Mr. A was very hungry today. It is a great way to both exercise and benefit from the beautiful and euphoric weather.

Elizabeth found in a book the reason why Ambroise is a bit fussy with Daddy in the evening. It�s called �Cluster-Feeding� and is a sign of good health. It�s simply that in the evening the typical 2/3 hour cycle is replaced by several 1 hour cycles. So we reason he was crying is simply that he is hungry earlier than usual.

Since now Elizabeth has been able to pump out some of her milk, Daddy has all the means to let his wife take some well-needed rest during the first half of the night.

Ambroise has taken his second bath, and he actually liked it! May be because we used some hotter water than last time?

Our friend Lisa met Ambroise for the first time. She was so surprised by his smallness, although her premature twins are only 5 month-old!

Bob also passed by to meet the brood. He shared some incredible news with us... He is doing a career turn, has resigned from is marketing position at ABC to go into teaching!!! He has such a passion for history and is so pleasant to listen, we have no doubt he will be an exceptional teacher! Well done Bob!

And even better, he will have some time off for a few months, and offered some help! Man, you are the greatest! We like you so much now.

June 2nd

Elizabeth had to leave early again to go for another jaundice blood test at the hospital. To be there early, she was nursing with one hand and breaking & cooking eggs for the twins� breakfast with the other!

She also took a shower, dressed herself, put on make-up, changed Ambroise, made the kids� lunches, checked homework, picked-out their clothes and passed the door of the house by 7:40. Quite a feat.

She even managed to be stopped by the cops for driving too fast! They offered the sirens for a quick ride to the hospital when they learned where she was headed!

The blood drawn, she nursed again in the parking lot and went straight to the doctor for the results: Ambroise�s bilirubin is doing much much better. A few more days, and this jaundice will only be a thing of the past. He has a �heart murmur� though, probably indicating a little hole somewhere in the heart. It is probably benign, as it may resolve itself in the

coming weeks/months. But of course now she has to run from one specialist to another to verify.

Upon coming back home, Elizabeth had the very pleasant surprised to see that the kids had tidied up their rooms, done their beds, put their clean clothes away, brushed their retainers and even emptied the dishwasher before going to school. Nice job, kiddo�s!

We see a lot of development steps happen in Ambroise. He is much more awake than before; He opens his eyes in full and can follow movements and sounds. He has taken control of his arms and is now able to put some fingers in his mouth. He will seriously defend his pacifier by holding it tight!

Elizabeth ordered some �PPTPs�, aka �pipi teepee�s�. These are small cones of fabric, to be placed on the little boy�s most convoited body part while he is being changed. �Cause boyz know about fountainz during diaper changes!

Elizabeth confided to us that, had she known that the bubble inside her tummy was such a cute munchkin, she would have ripped herself up to take it in her arms!

In this photo, Ambroise is modeling a Pima cotton layette gown, hand-embroidered in Peru. Thank you the Morse family!

Chris Boyajieff passed by.

She also dropped a chili dinner in the freezer. Thanks!

The Schweitzer brought dinner - a huge dish of beef stew - entirely finished that same evening.

Lori Wrigley gave Ambroise his first pair of shoes! They are so cute! Many thanks for the outfit also.

June 3rd

Madeline and Theo read to us their book reviews, that were posted in their class magazines. They were good! You would not have guessed they had been written by 9 year-olds.

Madeline�s book was Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary by Wendelin Van Draanen (239 pages, the 7th of the collection she has read). Theo�s picks were Among the Brave by Margaret Haddix (229 pages) and Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis (248 pages).

Elizabeth finished her last nurse of the night at 6:00, and went back to bed. For once, she slept and woke up at 7:30.... The kids had to be rushed through breakfast, clothing and teeth!

No chance she could fall back asleep after that, so she walked to the Post Office and the bank. Ambroise even went in this germy place called a �supermarket�, covered by a blanket to appease the doctor�s ire.!

Ambroise is a silent baby when sleeping at night.

He can share our room!

Ambroise�s cycles have been short recently, two hours exactly. That translates into 7 nursings while Dad was away (12 in total), 8 diapers today and not that much sleep.

Elizabeth would like to apologize to her friends for not using capital letters in her emails - she types with one hand only!

The weight of carrying Ambroise and her head frequently bending down when nursing take their toll. Elizabeth dreams at night of hot baths and massages!

Most of the vegetables from the garden are dead, except for the squash. We might get 2 radishes, 10 peas and a few carrots. Weed salads will be plentiful on the other hand.

It�s not the fault of a lack of care (Madeline has been watering them every evening), but more likely the transplantation, which added to the thermal shock of getting out of the porch. Well, it was a great learning experience.

Difficult to take

this �revolutionnaire� seriously

Ambroise is easily mesmerized by contrasts and lines. Quite usefull, when you want to call him for a minute or two! The wall of pictures also works great.

Chris, thanks for the Chili you dropped last night. It was excellent!

Catherine, tu reconnais?

June 4th

Eliz�s leg pains are not gone, so she keeps on walking. Ambroise enjoys it - he loves the baby bjorn. He is bounced along and can look around at the same time!

Ambroise also LOVES being held. Madeline is happy to oblige.

Third bath. Unpleasant experience, except for the rinsing that he loves...

and still so lovy and tender afterwards

We chose the French spelling for Ambroise, because he will keep his (very French) last name all his life. The flip side of the coin is that his first name is a bit harder to read on this side of the pond.

So here are a few tips on how to pronounce his first name:

- If you are French the pronunciation is

Ahm - bwah - z

but you would know that already

- If you are American, the pronunciation is


like the English �Ambrose�

- If you are British, the pronunciation is


- And even if you are a nurse or a pediatrician, the pronunciation is


Ahm - bree - oz



Ahm - broy - zee



Ahm - bwah

like �Francois�

Seven things that Elizabeth loves about Ambroise

1 He is a quiet sleeper, not like one of our

twins, who will remain nameless, who grunted and sorted like a pig... causing her eviction from the bedroom, and that of her brother with her.

2 He has a cute cry, like a little lamb (before slaughter?)

3 He lets his mom dress him up cute

4 His skin is SO soft

5 He is the perfect nurser - great latch

6 He looks like Gontran (yes, SHE said it!)

7 His hair is like bunny fur

To which Gontran would add:

8 He is so curious. He looks everywhere with

his big blue eyes

9 He doesn�t cry at the first feeling of hunger.

He moves his heads from left to right instead, trying to catch his blanket, clothe or blanket into his mouth

10 He will not let us put his arms into the burrito! They are needed to put his hands in his mouth!

He has a cute hole inside his heart. The doctor says it�s OK.

Whadyamean �OK� ???

It�s called a �heart murmur�, and apparently 30% of all kids have it. It is dangerous in only 5% of cases when the hole is very big.

Guess what? He is going to a specialist tomorrow.

He�s doing his clusterfeed thing again, except that it�s during the day now. Feeding frequently has a major inconvenient: the breast only starts making the fat after one hour. So eating every hour brings no nutrient and doesn�t soothe hunger.

Which is good, since he will now always remain our little angel and never turn into a chubby blob.

E says chubby blobs are made of formula milk. He will remain a little angel no matter what. Ahhh

The solution against clusterfeeding is to express milk so that Elizabeth can produce on 3 hours cycles and Ambroise consume it on one hour cycles. Looks like socialist planning is better than �just-in-time� capitalism.

And we probably scared Theo for life. He came down silently one morning, and found Elizabeth at the pumping station.

Meanwhile, Daddy bought a basket of the 500 names in the S&P 500. Sounds like nothing, but it�s a big step businesswise.

He also went to the consulate to vote for the European elections. So much effort went into bringing that blank ballot. (Just kidding)

The emotion thing again:

In these photos, Ambroise is modeling a light grey with light blue buttons Christian Dior outfit. With our thanks to the Dipaolo family!

The lines are still his passion. Great if you want to take a shower!

Maura came to visit. Thanks for the gifts!

Ambroise has only looked at the rattle yet for now, but he has already pencilled long hours of play with the rattle�s bells and whistles.

Hi again Margo.

And thanks again for dinner!

We are all wondering how we can extend this fantastic period of dinners cooked and delivered by the friends.

How about we find some great scary disease to generate pity? Honey, what would d�ya think of a dreadful heart condition...?