Sunday May 31st: Happy Birthday!

To celebrate Ambroise�s first birthday (one week), we threw a 50-people party.

Yeah, right. Where will we find the time to organize that? Only my wife could do something like that.

No, we were invited by the Stypa�s to their son Peter�s communion. The kids had a blast. Elizabeth & Gontran met again the Stypa�s so friendly family. And the weather and atmosphere came in perfect.

G turned in to a Cerberus, preventing children to put their germy fingers on the fruit of our loins.

Doesn�t Elizabeth look gorgeous? She lost 10 lbs in 4 days, and is only 15 lbs above her pre-pregnancy weight. She sure worked out every day of the pregancy, until the very end.

Theo has learned that the water in the formula milk has to be cleaned and sterilized of all germs. So he built a filtering system to help us. Thanks T!

M&T enjoys going to bed with A.