Saturday May 30th: A walk in the Park

It�s Ambroise�s first time out today - He will run an errand with his parents to the bank, and return books to the library!

For such a big event, Ambroise needs to have an outfit perfectly matching his hat, socks and pacifier. Madeline and Mommy are taking very seriously this responsibility, and worked for 30 minutes on this. Ambroise keeps lifting his eyes up. �Girls!!! They are such dorcks.�

The pediatricians and doctors have given us a big lecture on how important it is to keep the baby in-house for the first two months. Is that due to the (s)wine flu? Whatever the reasons, we obviously weren�t that fanatical about it.

But as a precaution, we have put a germ and sun filtering net when walking into the sun (thanks to Kristin�s knitting knack!)

As usual, Daddy was preparing material for the website updates, and kept on taking pictures. His new nickname is now �papa-razzi�.

[Note from the editor: Elizabeth strongly claims this joke. It�s hers. She invented it. She even said it first. And we all laughed so much when she said it, because it�s a great one. So funny! Ahahahahah!

On her way back, Elizabeth stops at her chiropractor. �You are still f_cked up�, he says Except this time, he can�t do anything about it.

On the other hand, she doesn�t claim the one about Louis XIV�s baths]

After his latest N&B (nurse and burp), Ambroise falls asleep. When he awakens in his mom�s arms, he is in the garden, and can�t stop looking everywhere around him!

Madeline also enjoys the pleasure of holding Ambroise in the beautiful spring weather

Thanks to Tracy�s Spinach salad and the Butler�s quiche, lunch was once again so easy on us.

Mitsie & Rob, the twins were very disappointed when the pie revealed itself a chicken pie instead of an apple pie, and you unfortunately didn�t pass the grade. As a gesture of friendship, we are willing to give you yet another opportunity to prove yourself. How about next Thursday?

After almost a week, the ballons are not looking that great. Luckily for us, SuperCut gave M&T plenty of new ones to replenish the front-yard.

And to speak with a Helium-voice.

Removing the balloons is a big step in the newborn process. We are not ready for it. We are afraid that part of the magic will disappear with them!

At least the empty balloons are not lost for everybody. Theo adds a candle below one of them. He also asks his dad for help to make it fly, but Dad is unfortunately SO busy at the time.

While going to the hairdresser, we also bought a kit to make moldings of Ambroise�s feet and hands. Auntie B will remind you how hard and fun it was to make that molding with the twins.

The coffee machine broke. This is bad, real bad. While waiting for the replacement fuses to arrive, we used a press coffeemaker. Unfortunately, with a wrong move this glass recipient broke. And when the spare parts eventually arrived, they were the wrong ones!!!! There�s no way we can survive without this Ambrosia.

[ Ambrosia (Greek: ambrosia ) is sometimes the food, sometimes the drink, of the gods, often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whoever consumes it ]

We don�t care what the academics say - there are definitely emotions running in this little head

When we announced the twins that their mommy was pregnant many moons ago, Madeline oscillated for an hour between happiness and sadness.

Well this is historical history. She told us today, that she had been very scared at the tme but that she was now thanking her parents for taking that big step. That baby is all worth it!

She keeps on building new toys for her little brother!

It was a very busy day today, and we conclude it with a moment of family time.

Ambroise is definitely exhausted!