Friday, May 29th: A day off

Daddy took a day off from his important responsibilities, and went back to Manhattan to play the stockoption game with his little friends.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth prepared the kids their breakfast and lunch, nursed, changed diapers, and smiled.

She eventually managed to go back to bed around noon. A few phone calls later, she eventually fell asleep, only to hear some noise in the kitchen. The cause would appear when she woke up. Robert and Mitsie had sneaked into the house to drop a quiche and a pie into the fridge! Thanks!

And so started a day filled with visits and gifts.

- Auntie B sent us gardenias from California

- Loretta came for a visit, bringing clothes and gifts

- Our dear neighbor Vera passed by, but could only see Ambroise sleeping. She nevertheless dropped gifts and candies for the twins.

- NJ Bridgette brought baby clothes - she had already hosted the baby shower!

- Tracy Ryan brought a blanket for the kids and a deliciously healthy strawberry and spinach salad (OMG)

- Rachel Steller brought us dinner (was it apples or pears with the pork loin? Are you French or something?)

All our friends and family had already offered gifts BEFORE the birth! So we do appreciate your visits and attentions even more. Thank you !!!

Someone seems to have placed a battery into Ambroise. He starts to show some personality.

He can show some impatience when the milk is slow to flow. A wet or dirty diaper makes him immediately uncomfortable.

When Theo got into the kitchen upon his return from school, Ambroise was nursing in the living room. Theo�s voice immediately caught Ambroise�s attention. His eyes became alight and went looking for his brother. He doesn�t do that for Madeine or Dad, may be for momy, the milk machine.

Ambroise was crying a lot when dad called home after leaving the office. But when he arrived, Ambroise suddenly turned into a little angel again...

Our son managed to startle his mother with a pee fountain during changing. He even wet through two layers of clean clothes!

We start to find baby socks all around the house now, but somehow we don�t have enough with three changing stations!

The jaundice isn�t quite gone yet