Thursday May 28th: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Man, do we have some catch-up to do...

Firstly that I had an astonishing 7:30 hours of sleep last night! It was so necessary and deserved - I need all my rest to take care of the family during the day (you like that excuse?)

More importantly, Ambroise went back to the hospital for the new blood test. He didn�t like having his blood drawn... Especially since he doesn�t have much!

You won�t believe it. We arrived at 8:00 at the hospital this time - Mom was awake at 5:45 for a feeding, and organized, the kids� lunch and breakfast. She even prepared a coffee for her husband! (You see how useful and beneficial was my rest?)

With the trip to the hospital, Elizabeth have started to boob each other in various places. In the parking lot for instance, or at the computer...

We went back to the Pediatrician to get the blood test results. Bilirubin has plateau�d and Ambroise will not need the UV treatment. Relief. Not done yet, we still have to make him drink as much as possible.

The second good news is that the various doctors have talked to each other about Elizabeth�s medication. The hospital pharmacology says nobody knows for sure, but it should be fine. Her specialist says it�s OK. The pediatrician believes that consequences on his liver would be temporary, meaning that stopping the breastfeeding would make it all go back to normal. So she can keep on breastfeeding. Thank you! Now that the milk is in...

On the negative side, Ambroise had to have his hepatitis B shot. What? Another shot? In teh same day? Ambroise seriously starts to look at his Mom with wary eyes. �I though you would protect me and care for me...�

Second bad news is that Elizabeth is not allowed green leaves (spinach, salad...) and, worse of all, diary (=cheese!!!!).

Don�t take pictures of me naked! I�m shy! (and cold)

Ambroise wants to follow the example of Louis XIV - who took only three baths in his whole life (at birth, the day before his wedding, and on his death bed). He will therefore accept to take his first bath, as the quick sponge brushes right after his birth didn�t count.

And the kitchen sink will be a suitable bathtub for his highness.

Needless to say, the experience was as unpleasant as he had expected. But he was so soft and cuddly afterwards!

Elizabeth managed to book an emergency appointment to her chiropractor. He confirms that she�s is all f_cked up! But heavy massages a bit everywhere and vibrations manage to put her straight back. The leg is still hurting a lot though.

Meanwhile, Daddy declares Ambroise to his HMO. How nice it is to spend an hour on the phone either with various eletronic operators or on hold...

We have discovered Mexican food and the great value of burritos: Ambroise is so much more comfy when he is a bit constricted in his blankie!

Was he happy in his mom�s tummy or what?

The delivery man brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thanks Rick & Maureen (the grand-parents).

Ambroise is so light and small that one can carry him on one arm only!

Elizabeth would like to remind Renaud (my boss) that the birthstone for May is Emerald. Thanks in advance. (Bank details to follow)

Dad has found new occupations: changing bulb lights to make the bed nursing more cosy, greasing the bouncy seat (we didn�t try it before hand with a doll), doorman and phone operator, baby car-seat fixer and car driver, kitchen door insulation gluer, dishwasher, French teacher (still), phtographer/reporter, feeding time writer and poop counter.

Daddy even found the biggest splinter ever in his hand. How the hell did that get in there?

Before we could start posting pictures on the web, we�ve been asked whom that little baby was looking like. Here is the short list - you figure out who is who. Only those who post an answer will get the answer, and are qualified to win. First prize is an unframmed picture of Ambroise and his eternal appreciation.