Wednesday, May 27th: The Little Prince

How�s life at home with a newborn baby?

Parents already know the drill. So here are a thousand words for the parents-to-be:

If the picture is too small to be read, here is what it basically means:

- nursing every two to three hours, alternating the left and the right boobs, some formula here and there, the mixture regularly interspersed by pees and poops

- for some reason, at times of birth, straight gory words replace politically correct expressions.

- Don�t believe that 15+25 minutes means a feeding is done in roughly half an hour, leaving 2 hours of rest. There�s also the burping between and after, the changing and the �but why does he cries?�, although we have been very blessed with the last part so far. In reality, the remaining free time of the cycle is roughly one hour, or 30-45 minutes of sleep.

- There are also a bunch of unrelated writings here and there, as this paper is also the only one at hand when the phone rings...

We had a lot of crying during the night, and we tested the swinging seat for the first time. It worked so well that we understood why some people can pay $500 for such a puppy.

Elizabeth always wanted to have a TV in our bedroom, a move I had always opposed. Now that she has made huge sacrifices in health, life quality and career by giving me this little munchkin, I had to payback somehow.

So I gave up on the TV in the room. She now has her own TV right on her bedside table:

Unfortunately, it has only one channel, called �Ambroise TV�, thanks to a remote camera.

I understand and treat my wife so well.

Jokes aside, it�s probably one of the best purchase we�ve made. It has a second monitor, which can be carried around, giving us the possibility to move around the house without the baby!

When we woke up that morning (understand: the first time we woke up and there was light outside), I saw Elizabeth�s face. She had bags under the eyes like I had never seen before. So she suggested we take a pen and write a big �G� and a big �LV� on them. We have expensive tastes in luggage.

The big point of the day is the blood test, to figure out if Ambroise needs a UV treatment for the jaundice. That test has to be performed at the hospital. Since Elizabeth can�t drive yet, Daddy stayed another day off work to help.

The nurses had told us to come as early as possible for the blood test. �Be there at 8:00 or 8:15, when it�s almost empty, not 11:30 like all the others�. So we had planned ourselves a nice little schedule for the morning: get up early, get ready ourselves, give Ambroise a last nurse, wake up and feed the twins, prepare their lunches, send them to school, and be just ready for the drive to the hospital.

Once this plan was applied, we arrived at 11:30 like all the others.

We didn�t get the results immediately (understand: we didn�t wait for the results). When we called the hospital center two hours later, they weren�t good. Elizabeth managed to negotiate another day of bilirubin flushing. That kid is gonna drink a lot!

The greatest news of the day is that Elizabeth �s milk is coming in! Ambroise will be delighted. Daddy too... The porn star is back!

The issue of formula is still very hot. Although Ambroise needs to flush out the bilirubin, our concern is real about Ambroise preferring the bottle to the bosom. We have seen him refusing his mother�s milk to enjoy the chemical ersatz, and we all know which of the two is better for him in the long run. The bottle flows so quickly, but the burping and cleaning is a mess. Not to talk about the medical benefits of antibodies and vitamins...

Isn�t he taking a habit we will not be able to fight against later? Should we pump E�s milk to compete with the flow?

We can only trust the pediatrician, who recommended the top-up, although he is a �staunch supporter� of breast feeding.

A completely different topic... We have a permanent charging station. Between the phones, balckberries and the cameras, there�s always one machine in need of some TLC! Guess we put the technology to good use.

Elizabeth�s girlfriend Margo offered her a coupon book before the birth. With only a phone call, she will cook and deliver a meal for the family!

Today�s was Margo�s Yappra Dolma specialty (Armenian lamb in wine leaves). It comes with the famous �ginge� sauce (Margo will kill me if I don�t mention it). Her homemade honey bread completes the dinner, and what a feat that was. Thanks Margo!

Two visitors today, Kristin and NJ Jenn. Some told Elizabeth she should avoid visitors to protect her sleep, but She enjoys the friends and the visits so much, that the choice is easy. Come on over!

But you can�t come with your own children. The pediatrician has been quite formal about this. Since newborn can�t take antibiotics for the first 6 weeks, they absolutely need to avoid germ sources - kids and schools, supermarkets and shops, airplanes... Sorry!!!

We are a bit under shock here. Are the Europeans negligent or the American fanatics? We had taken the twins a road trip to France when they were 10 days old, and on a flight from London to California when they were 4 weeks old. No doctor or nurse had even mentioned to us such prophilactic precautions. English medicine again? Weirdly California doctors don�t give this recommendation.

OK. Some last few errands to run - pick up medication, emergency groceries, return books an DVDs (who the hell thought he could find time for movies?) and spend a few hours in the night updating the website.

Thanks for your feedback, BTW. Very appreciated!

With a wool knit sweater, almost handed down from generation to generation. Thanks Mamie de Quillacq!