Tuesday May 26th: Welcome Home!

00:45 AM: Nursing is a long process, but we eventually get there. �Hey, it�s no joke�, would say Ambroise, � I�m learning here, and let�s not forget that the stomach of a newborn is as huge as a marble! �

Mom replaces the percocet (thank you dear readers for your numerous letters) for her leg with a glorious Tylenol, on a nurse recommendation, as it might work better for her.

And it�s at last time for bed! Elizabeth gets in bed comfortably, reclines the bed, which doesn�t seem to recline completely now. Whatever. She lays down, and suddenly he bed falls completely and the medical alert signal rings. All the nurses jump into the room. The remote was holding the bed up until it broke off. Now, it�s impossible to turn off that alarm!!!! Too bad for the rest, again.

After the DVD fiasco, some unnamed person at the nurse desk starts to look at me weird.

That would be the nice and friendly one, whose name starts with �Barb� and finishes with an �a�...

The night has been tough on Elizabeth again. Warmth has been the only cure for her leg so far, and the equipment isn�t warm at all (litigation risk, not kidding !!!), so warm compresses are the best...

4:30 AM: Ambroise comes back from the nursery, where he was apparently quiet all along. Once again he doesn�t cry although hungry.

7:50 AM: The TV guy still can�t fix the distribution. Thank god we paid for it in advance.

8:00 AM: Dr. Miller, our pediatrician, confirms what we started to guess. Ambroise has jaundice. He will have to come back tomorrow for blood tests. If it goes worse, he will need the light treatment.

Jaundice isn�t a big deal in itself, but coming back for blocked periods of 8 hours isn�t what we all look forward to. The hotel isn�t that bad, but a solarium without TV is just far too low for our standards.

There might be a way to avoid coming back. Ambroise might be able to flush out the bilirubin, but he needs to drink a lot.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth won�t �have her milk� for another 24 to 48 hours. So, the pediatrician recommends that we top the breastfeedings with some formula. A quarter ounce should do the work.

8:15 AM: Ambroise arrives, hungry and quiet again. Is it the honeymoon, or is that baby quiet for real?

Some say that if you feed a baby before he cries, it doesn�t make the connection cry = food, and turns into a �good� baby. So we�ve always tried to answer his needs at the first sign of hunger. Please, make this quietness last !!!!

10:00 AM: Final doubts on the name, as the time has come to sign the paperwork!

We had worked on names for a long time.

- The perfect first name had to exist in both languages, and with positive connotations in both cases.

- It shouldn�t be falling into the usual firstnames, which that filter usually drills down to.

- We looked at trends. No need to give a child an age it doesn�t have or fall into a short-lived fashion.

- We couldn�t use one already taken in the family. Damned you, Loic and Sophie!

- It couldn�t sound bad by its writing, initials or pronounciation, whether in full or in abbreviation. Pac�me would have turned into �Pack de Quillacq� or �Paco� at some point :-(((

- It shouldn�t make us think of someone we appreciated less in our lives.

- We had checked the short list with friends, and had eliminated several.

- We involved Madeline and Theo, who had requested that it didn�t start with either a E, G, M or T, and also crossed out a few they didn�t like.

- Google and Wikipedia couldn�t show anything bad. No �people� bearing that name, please!

- Oh, and we also had to like it ! If we had gone for our dreams, Daddy would have given a medieval (but not too original) first name, while Elizabeth fancied more turn-of-the-century (or French 70�s!).

To our surprise, we received a few unexpected comments in the day after the birth. Doubt rushed to our minds. What were we doing? A couple of calls to the family confirmed that the first name was actually very well received. GREAT Relief. It was actually high in the Gobble family!

For the middle name, which is much more important in the US than in Europe, we needed something masculine, short and of a different genre than the first, so that the child can fall back on something different should he not like it. The short list still had four names, and we chose after meeting with the child.

Bernard is the Grandfather. Had the child been a girl, this third name would have been Gisele.

10:15 AM: Official form returned. Our son is

Ambroise Paul Bernard de Quillacq

11:00 AM: The loudspeakers have been reminding it for the last few days: the check-out time is 9:30. If you have been cleared by your doctors that is, so the waiting game continues.

We had the clearance from the pediatrician, but Elizabeth�s OBGYN hasn�t shown anywhere on the radar yet. Plus, we still haven�t had the feedback about that X-ray yet. Not that�s not secondary, since Elizabeth still is in terrible pain.

12:00 AM: The luggage has been waiting in the car for some time now, but the doctor is still nowhere to be seen. The TV works again though!

12:15 AM: Here is the doctor! She clears Elizabeth.

We still don�t have the result of the X-ray (they have a backlog after a Memorial Day weekend...), but they would have told us if anything was wrong, right?

For the medication issue, the pediatrician, the doctor and Elizabeth�s specialist will talk to the in-house pharmacology department. Feedback to come soon... Please sign here, dear doctor.

With the quarter dollar, a classic American icon.

12:30 AM: Outahere! The rule is that Dad has to park in front of the entrance, while the baby has its electronic tagged removed. The baby has then to be brought by a nurse in a car seat to the car.

There�s a sailing boat on the quarter - we couldn�t find one with a Teddy bear!

These tiny feet are so slippery, that it took 20 attempts to get that picture.

We are happy to leave, but we would like to thank the staff for their outstanding presence and support. They have that touch of friendliness and care, that truly denotes altruism and attention. Thank you SO much. That birth experience beats the one from England many times over. Sorry Robert.

Many many thanks also for Dr Giovine, who has remained calm while things were not going as expected. All the staff and friends in the profession have told us - we would never have lasted 24 hours without a C-section, had it not been for him, and certainly not 42 hours. He was at the hospital during the whole weekend, performing most if not all the important tests by himself, and has been extremely friendly and professional.

Our greatest appreciation also for the Savage and Rowland family, who have taken care of Theo and Madeline with so much patience. Did I mention anywhere that Madeline and Melissa have run a lemon stand and collected $21.00 in a few hours? And who prepared the cookies and the lemonade? Did I mention that Theo was always asking to be dropped at Tobby�s house before anything else? Did I mention that both kids were fed, followed, entertained and cared after for five days? How can we guys return you the favors?

1:00 PM: We arrive at home, and can�t wait to show Ambroise his new home (except Mdeline�s room, which she wanted to show him herself). Ahh, that feeling of cleanliness and peace. Some girls will be sleeping in her bed soon!

Sorry for the 13 Voice Mails, but we just can�t listen to them now. We pack out as quickly as we can the essential, before feeding Ambroise.

Damned, we forgot to deactivate that excellent TV/phone service!

3:00 PM: Madeline and Theo come back from school, and enjoy meeting with their little brother again. The Joy is so visible in their eyes. They would fight for who will hold, burp or change the newborn first.

And the baby�s burping and farting habits are the talk of the day!

We eventually manage to take a shower. Gosh! I took 3 kilos in one weekend. Dunkin Donuts and Chinese-to-go aren�t the healthiest food. More surprising is that Elizabeth gained weight as well! How is THAT possible. Ambroise, get back in!

5:30 PM: Betsie brings dinner - home made pasta with a Tomato and Mozzarella starter. What a pleasure to have some healthy food at last! Thanks Betsie!

Elizabeth eventually goes to bed, while Gontran helps with the kids� homework and the French lessons (you guys will never get a break!), until the next feeding, and the next one, and the next one...

We effectively start introducing formula in his diet, hoping to help him cure his jaundice, while afraid we will stop him from breastfeeding. We are big supporter of nature and nurture in this family!