Monday, May 25th: The day of rest

00:00 AM: Mom is so happy that she can�t fall asleep. Instead she grows always more tired, and Daddy always more concerned.

2:00 AM: First Call! First Call! Mom needs to open the milk bar. Ambroise starts breastfeeding, and seems to enjoy it so much that he finishes at 3:30. He probably uses the boob as a pacifier, so we have to use a real one to avoid complications.

Dad asks his wife to try to get some sleep, to no avail.

6:00 AM: The nurses bring back Ambroise for the second feeding, but he doesn�t wake up until 6:30! Bonding time with Daddy instead. He�s an Angel !!!!

6:30 - 7:30 AM: Almost an hour of nursing, with a huge proof in the middle that the plumbing works on both ends.

7:45 AM: Elizabeth falls asleep !!!! No noise anybody!

7:50 AM: Changing of the guard. The new nurse comes in, introduces herself, Barbara, and does her tire pressure, tool

and oil checks. So much for the sleep.

8:00 AM: The baby nurse steals the baby to check the vitals. Feedings and changing follows upon return.

9:30-10:50 AM: Endless visits of various nurses, OB, pediatricians, doctors, head nurses, cleaning ladies, food tray deliveries. It looks more like a supermarket than a bedroom here.

It seems every visitor asks if/when/how the baby will be circumcised. We probably were asked the question 15 times. The pressure is high - they all want a piece of that munchkin. THAT piece.

Eventually, Elizabeth gets another shot of morphine. The leg isn�t doing better, and nobody has a clue to the cause of that.

10:50 AM: Elizabeth is taken to have an X-ray of her leg, to try to understand what�s happening.

11:30 AM: Although visits are only supposed to start at 12:00 Andrea and Margo manage to sneak in at 11:30.

Tom Rowland, who brings Madeline and Theo, doesn�t have that chance. He is stuck in the reception until 12:00, although we manage to sneak his daughter as a sibling.

Daddy will have the opportunity of a lifetime to share a coffee and a chat.

7:00 PM: We still don�t have the results of the X-ray for the leg (it�s Memorial Day), but we switch Elizabeth to perkaset and warm compresses.

9:00 PM: The questions on Elizabeth�s medication have been brewing for a few days. The resident pediatrician opposes breastfeeding on the ground that even if her medication has been recently reclassified for pregnancy, it has not been for nursing.

Follows endless conversations about recent research articles, our call to Elizabeth�s specialist, doctors trying to talk to each other (yeahh, on Memorial Day evening)... We conclude with a �let�s talk with the head of Pediatrics tomorrow�.

9:30 PM: The atmosphere is charged. Daddy tries to plug his DVD player on the TV screen to soothe things out. He ends up with a full medical emergency alert at the nurses� desk. Don�t touch the bed�s remote controls, Dad!

And we don�t have regular TV anymore now.

10:15-10:45 PM: The hospital technician�s initial reaction is that Daddy has fried the TV�s splitter box! After some explanation with the company distributing the cable signal, it appears that 30 other rooms have the same issue. How weird! They eventually acknowledge that they knew the problem to be on their side, but had no ETA. It�s Memorial Day, remember...

11:00 PM: Ambroise is brought for feeding. We spend an hour looking at him sleeping instead.

11:50 PM: More milk seems to come out of the breast than Ambroise expected. That look of surprise was priceless!