Sunday May 24th: Here he is!

0:45 AM: Elizabeth is sick, feverish, tired, sweaty, nauseous. How will she get through the hardest part in that condition?

The doctor prescribes nausea medication, Ambien to rest and Cervidel to open.

6:10 AM: Not including the replenishment of the epidural drug abd the endless rotations, pressure taking... Elizabeth has been able to sleep. She�s still nauseous upon waking up though.

6:45 AM: 3 cm and 90%. Yeah! But not good enough, we can read on everybody�s mind. Cirvadel Out.

7:30 AM: Changing of the guard: Maren! Changing of the IV as well. Petocin, here we are again. Elizabeth is still very tired.

8:40 AM: The concept of rotation is quite interesting. Each time the nurse desk doesn�t see a signal clear enough on their screen (realtime contraction level and baby�s heartbeat), they come and ask Elizabeth to change side in her bed. Easy to do in theory, but a bit more complex when you consider the weight of the belly, the electric cables for the detectors, the IVs, the epidural catheter and the blood pressure pipes. And when you are trying to rest, these quarterly or half-hourly rotations are not fun at all.

10:30 AM: As time passes by and Elizabeth is still not dilated, all our friends and parents are getting very worried. Those who don�t have much news are thinking of the worse, while those who do are thinking of the worse. C Section is the next step. Any doctors would have performed it already.

11:00 AM: 9 cm dilated! Joy! �The baby will be here by 12:00� says Dr. Giovine. The room is prepared for the delivery.

12:00 PM: 10 cm. Elizabeth is next in line. Rooms 5, 6 and 1 are almost as dilated as she is.

12:10 PM: The baby has a very low heartbeat, which is a bit of a concern. Then someone pronounces the word �childbirth� loud, and the heartbeat skyrockets. �Mom? I�ve been so nice on the last few days. Not even one kick. Keep me in here, please!�

12:30 PM: That kid is late agin. Probably a girl.

13:30 PM: The three girls in the next rooms have all had their babies! But how did they do that? At least we have Dr Giovine�s undivided attention.

Here, things are starting. An extra shot of peridural, with the objective of being done by 13:50.

Things go surprisingly smooth. We can already see the hair before even pushing! With only three pushes (and the help of a suction handle), the baby brings its head out.

1:53 PM: Born! It�s a boy! His name is Ambroise.

1:53 PM: Daddy cuts the cord.

1:54 PM: The baby pees on his mom!

2:10 PM: Now the baby cleaned and his first vitals checked, the baby can lay back on his mom.

2:17 PM: Hungry first latch! Ambroise nurses immediately!

2:40 PM: Phone calls to the kids. Lucie will bring the kids to the hospital. As agreed I don�t talk too much - not to reveal the sex by accident. No chance that way for the kids to get the information before meeting their new sibling.

2:45 PM: Lucie has called picked up Madeline at the Rowland before I could give them the phone call.

3:00 PM: Madeline and Theo discover their little brother. Bonding time..

4:00 PM: Daddy brings Ambroise to the 5fth floor nursery for its vitals. He weights 7lbs 10.oz or 3.45 kg, measures 19� or 48.26 cm. He gets his first shot... He�s in perfect health.

4:20 PM: While Ambroise is passing his first test evr, Madeline and Theo help their mom move from the 3rd floor (prenatal and labour) to the fifth floor (postpartum). Ambroise finds his mom in a new room.

4:30 PM: Daddy leaves his wife to attach balloons by the house - and where can you find helium balloons on a Memorial week-end Sunday? Man, the gift shop at the hospital does have a lucrative business.

He also needs to drop Madeline and Theo, who will spend another day by their friends, and download the pictures and movies out of the camera, who is now full. Somehow, the software didn�t work the usual way. Had Daddy not done a backup as a precaution, all these pictures would have been erased!

Daddy brings a DVD player to hook by the room�s TV. Not that we expect to have so much free time, but there has been a bit of waiting recently. He also brings coffee and donuts for a bit everybody down at the hospital.

6:00 PM: The epidural has been removed after the delivery, and the pain is coming in nice. Elizabeth�s right leg is experiencing an excruciating pain. Has there been a problem with the epidural? Morphine is administered.

6:45 PM: Thanks to the drug, Elizabeth can bond again with her son.

9:00 PM: Nursing is late, as we couldn�t wake him up. Bonding instead. Ohh, so sorry...

Morphine will be replaced by perkaset. The pain is still there, but Elizabeth wants to go back down to Earth.

10:30 PM: The consistance, color and smell of Meconium is quite unique !!!

11:30 PM: The glorious morphine isn�t that bad after all, as Ambroise should spend his first night at the nursery for better supervision.

Changing of the guard. Maria replaces Louise.

11:45 PM: Elizabeth asleep.

Elizabeth would like to THANK all her friends and family for their support during these 42 hours of labor. The SMS and phone calls have been of great support.

A huge shout out to the girls : Utah Birdgett,Sarah, Lisa, California Jenn, Ange, NJ Jenn, Kristin, Loretta, Nichole, Mitsie, Rachel and especially Auntie B, whose love crosses miles and time difference.

Apparently Betsie didn�t receive any of the 50 SMS update of the last few days - wrong number programmed on the cell. We are SO sorry!