Friday May 22nd, the day before the birth

The plan for this long week-end is to be induced by late afternoon on Friday, so that the baby comes in the morning of Saturday.

The kids then come and see their little brother/sister on Saturday. We stay in the hospital on Sunday, may be also Monday, then enjoy some family time at home.

We had had hell in England for the twins, and the US and Monmouth Hospital are renown for their care, Elizabeth had managed to be taken care by Dr Giovine (the best in this part of the town), so we had the right to more optimistic plans, no?

OK, you have guessed it, it�s Gontran writing in these updates - Elizabeth has a few things to take care on her own.

14:30 PM: We started the day by calling the hospital - just to make sure that 4PM was still the start of the plan. Well, they don�t have even time to talk: �call again at 19:30!�. And the waiting game begins ..

17:00 PM: Elizabeth drops Madeline at her best friend�s house, Melissa Rowland - Tom and Sandy, her parents, have generously accepted that she stays at their place for the night (may be two) while Mom and Dad are at the hospital.

18:00 PM: Elizabeth drops Theo at his best friend�s house, Tobby Savage - Lucy and John, his parents, have also generously accepted that he stays at their place for the night (may be two) while Mom and Dad are at the Hospital.

The house is so empty and quiet now... That will not last! We enjoy these moments together.

19:15 PM: Next call to the hospital: �Come on over� they say. And there we go.

20:30 PM: Eliz is all hooked up by nurse Maria Liza, aka �Liz�, who is well versed into the use of the middle name as first name.

21:50 PM: Dr Giovine has been busy, and he comes a bit later. No criticism here, the man will spend his all week-end in the hospital, like every week-end. He actually lives in the hospital says the staff.

Dr Giovine�s verdict: Elizabeth isn�t much more open than at Wednesday�s appointment - 1cm and 10% effaced - but the glorious Cervadil medication will take care of that.

22:30 PM: Ambien, to relax and take some sleep while the medication works.