May 2009 - April showers bring May flowers

The Easter Bunny came and sent the kids on a treasure hunt to find their baskets.

Spring is in the air, so we are off for more hikes and a picnic. Not an easy feat at 9 months pregnant!

It�s a recession--

time to start a vegetable garden!

At school, students participated in the �invention convention.� Madeline created a magnetic pencil keeper and Theo a comb hair cutter.

Theo�s first sleepover!

Theo and Toby made a great fort in the basement� sorry, no photos because mom had the camera at Camp Sacajawea�.

And whose mom goes on a Girl Scout camping trip when she�s 9 months pregnant?

Madeline�s mom, that�s who!

A bird built a nest in daddy�s motorcycle helmet.

�Crazy Hair Day� at school

School offers lots of after school clubs.

Theo is doing really well in Chess Club. He is ranked #2 !! So we are starting him in the official Monmouth County Chess Association to play against adults.

Theo loves his comics club

Madeline is enjoying sewing club and chorus.

Both are participating in the stock market club �. But for us, it is tough to teach your kids ethics vs. making money! Madeline tried to explain to the school why Exxon is a bad moral investment, and why sometimes it�s better to make less money but invest in sustainable and ethically run companies.

Doing French lessons with dad

The final countdown! Just a few days until we welcome a new member to our family. This baby still moves and kicks a lot-- and has the hiccups about a dozen times a day! Is this a sign s/he has a drinking problem?

Still growing!

The empty basement finally got a huge sofa (it�s a sofa bed, so more visitors welcome!)

Don�t tell the kids, but the baby is bringing a flat screen to put on the wall!

In baby news... Welcome to Henry Paul Bertadotti!

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